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As virtual reality and virtual tools become more prevalent in our present and will be even more widely accepted in our future, it is important to get to know what VR offers us other than what we have seen in science fiction movies. What was once considered a gaming tool or a toy that was not at all practical for regular, everyday use has now pioneered the advancing of many fields and industries, let alone made living life a little bit easier. Below are four basic, yet innovative ways that virtual tools are assisting us in various aspects of our careers and lives.

Cloud-Based Storage

The digital age has made it that much easier for employees to work remotely or individuals to start their own businesses that are completely based online. With this freedom of mobility comes the need for document storage that doesn’t involve physical paper work that can get lost, stolen or damaged easily in a traditional office setting. Virtual data rooms, the most secure form of cloud storage, have allowed businesses to save time and energy during long and arduous projects by storing and sharing all pertinent data onto the online platform.

There it remains safe and under the complete control of the administrators so that they can rest assured the confidential information won’t be hacked or leaked during the process. Virtual data room providers offer their clients peace of mind as well as freedom in the way pertinent information can be accessed and who has the ability to view it once it is uploaded. Once data is stored onto a secure data room, businesses owners know that they can access it whenever necessary, from wherever they are in the world.

Man standing outdoors wearing a black hoodie and a Virtual Reality headset


For many students and teachers in the education sector, planning and affording trips to the various countries they may be learning about in class isn’t always easy or a viable option. There is the aspect of money, which can be considerable depending on the size of a class and the length of a trip, as well as the safety threats certain countries might pose depending on their environmental or political status. Virtual reality has provided an alternative way to travel the world that doesn’t involve students or teachers leaving the classroom at all.

With the help of VR goggles, they can explore various countries and traverse their landscapes just by watching a 360-degree video on an application that can be viewed from anywhere. While this is relatively new technology, it does illustrate that there is room for more technological innovation within VR and that people of all ages are responsive to them and welcoming of change in the future.

Physical Activity

Physical exercise isn’t easy, nor is it always exciting. However, with the help of virtual reality, you might be able to transform a boring run on the treadmill to an exciting adventure exploring the small streets of Florence, or scaling the side of a mountain that you probably would never visit in real life. It isn’t always practical to get outdoors for a workout, especially in the ​freezing temperatures in certain countries during the winter months, so being able to experience the scenery of some of the most beautiful places in the world while inside the comfort of your home or local gym is a fantastic way that VR is helping individuals stay moving and motivated with their physical activity.

Not only does this make working out more exciting and less of a chore, but it also serves an educational purpose that allows you to expand your mind and perception of the various areas around the world without having to spend a fortune travelling there yourself.

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One of the most interesting and beneficial ways that virtual reality is helping us in everyday life is through its ability to innovate the training processes of surgeons and other medical practitioners. A surgeon can film their operation removing a tumour and medical students can use this as a way to get comfortable with the process and watch how more experiences practitioner works without jumping right into surgery with little to no experience. Some of these procedures can even be viewed by interested people all over the world, providing an inside perspective of what goes into such a time-consuming and difficult process.

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