Hitman Summer 2023 roadmap announced!

by Ben Kirby
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I think at this point, my love for the Hitman series, and even more so, the World of Assassination trilogy. Now IOI has released their Summer 2023 roadmap of content, and I’m pretty bloody excited to jump back into Agent 47’s shoes.

Between Freelancer, all this content rotating in and out and being able to play on the Steam Deck now. My Hitman days feel like they’re only just beginning!

Summer - Update

Here’s what IOI have to say:

It’s Summertime in The World of Assassination, and with it comes lots to do throughout this hot summer season. As well as making the Trinity Pack and Sarajevo Six Campaign available for purchase on all platforms, we’ve also lined up: Year 3 Elusive Targets so that everyone can play; new hot unlocks; player curated contracts and a game update. For the Free Starter Pack Players there’ll be Free locations rotations, and the Dartmoor Garden Show!

New challenge: Kick back kimono

The exciting first destination on the Summer Roadmap brings you The Kick Back Kimono challenge set in Hokkaido! By completing this new challenge, you’ll unlock the exclusive VIP Patient suit. Once you’ve completed this challenge, embrace the rich heritage of Japan by strolling through the world in this piece of traditional Japanese clothing. It’s a fascinating cultural journey you won’t want to miss!

Curated contracts: Mendie presents – Summer delinquency!

Introducing our first summer curator, Mendie! A skilled HITMAN aficionado who excels in the art of stealth, precision, and speed. With a sharp mind and lethal expertise, he has carefully curated 10 Contracts for you to savour. These contracts are masterpieces crafted by exceptional creators, including Mendie himself. Time to enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

Summer Delinquency

June 8th – Free location rotation: Marrakech

From June 8, an exciting opportunity awaits all Free Starter Pack players! Embark on a time-limited free journey to the vibrant red city known as Marrakech. Immerse yourself in the delightful flavours of local cuisine, indulge in the aromatic delights of hookahs, and brace yourself for encounters with persistent rug merchants.

June 16th – Elusive target: The gunrunner – Year 3

Mark your calendars for June 16 as The Gunrunner makes a comeback in Marrakech for 10 days! Brace yourself for a pulse-pounding elusive, with Vito Đurić as your target. Known among the well-informed, Đurić is no ordinary figure. With a captivating personality, he reigns as a charismatic arms dealer and a master at breaking sanctions. His legendary status lies in his unparalleled ability to procure anything for anyone. The ICA has been tracking his every move, highlighting his extensive participation in countless covert conflicts throughout the past.

June 23rd – Elusive target: The stowaway – Year 3

Set sail and return to the Isle of Sgàil, where your next elusive target awaits! Meet Jimmy Chen, a tabloid journalist who takes “killing” for a front-page story quite literally, but fear not, for your mission is to eliminate him and secure his valuable dictaphone. However, exercise utmost caution, as Jimmy is no ordinary mark. With his cynical and paranoid nature, he possesses unique behavioural patterns and will swiftly respond to any sign of your presence. Stay undetected and execute your mission with finesse because every move counts.

Summer - Stowaway

June 30th – Elusive target: The procurers Year 3

Prepare to dig into a macabre meal! The Procurers have returned to Dartmoor, dishing out their lavish cuisine with a twisted flair. Your targets, Jack Roe and Robert Burk, form the iconic duo known as The Procurers, globetrotting with their peculiar skills. While one crafts innovative dishes as a renowned chef, the other is an embalmer with an eerie touch.

That’s where you come in, hungry for justice. Starting June 30, you’ll have a 10-day opportunity to ensure they serve their last supper. Sink your teeth into this mission and let them savour their darkest meal yet. Bon Appétit… or should we say, Bon Appétite!

July 6th – New challenge: Hot fizzsh

Soak up the sun with the hottest summer style of 2023! Introducing the Tropical Islander suit, the ultimate sunny sensation. This outfit is as refreshing as a cool breeze on a warm summer day, featuring a short-sleeved white shirt that’s as bright as the summer sky, paired with delightful light brown shorts that are as sweet as a piña colada. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to make a splash!

Dive into the new Haven Island challenge called “Hot Fizzsh,” and you’ll earn the right to show off the Tropical Islander Suit wherever your summer adventures take you.

So don’t be a beach bum, get your hands on this trendy outfit and let the summer vibes flow.

Curated contracts: Munga’s HITMAN Summer holiday

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure in the scorching July heat (for people in the northern hemisphere at least) with these hot Curated Contracts. Join the marvellous Munga as he invites you to embark on his vision of the HITMAN Summer Holiday. Where will this skilled assassin take you?

Munga’s thrilling batch of contracts will be hot off the press on July 6th, so fasten your seat belts for the ultimate summer road trip and gear up for some killer memories.

Summer Holiday

Free Summer location rotation: Bangkok

Free Starter Pack Players! Pack your bags as your next stop on our location rotation is: the exquisite Himmapan Hotel. This luxurious haven in the heart of Bangkok offers an escape where you can indulge in the finest pleasures. Soak it all in starting July 6 for a limited time.

July 14 – Elusive target: The ex-dictator – Year 3

July 14 marks the return of Richard Ekwensi, famously known as the Ex-Dictator, and his wife Ines, nicknamed “The Gold Digger,” to the vibrant city of Bangkok. For the next 10 days, they have chosen the luxurious Himmapan Hotel as their temporary abode. While they may appear to be enjoying a relaxed stay at the hotel, behind closed doors they are engaging in secret meetings with former associates.

Seize this golden opportunity to catch them off guard. With their guard down and no expectation of your presence, you can leverage this situation to your advantage. Plan your moves carefully and strike when they least suspect it. The element of surprise will be your greatest ally in ensuring their downfall.

July 21 – Elusive target: The appraiser – Year 3

Your target is Miranda Jamison, a famous art appraiser and director at the Gorka Institute in Barcelona. She does anything for a good deal, and we mean anything…

She’ll be arriving on the Isle of Sgàil on July 21 – and you’ll have 10 days. Good luck.

July 28 – Elusive target: The iconoclast – Year 3

It’s time for some vineyard vengeance as the notorious Iconoclast returns to Mendoza for a suspenseful 10-day stay. This elusive figure will be wandering through the sprawling vineyards, but who knows, maybe her taste for destruction will leave her unable to savour the last grape… Cheers, and good luck.

Summer Iconoclast

Summer August game update – Game update 3.160

Game Update 3.160 is set to arrive in August. It will feature fixes, tweaks and QoL improvements – but the specifics will come later through the patch notes closer to the release date.

The Sarajevo Six

The Sarajevo Six Campaign makes a grand return on August 17. Priced at $4.99 USD across all platforms, you can embark on an extraordinary journey through six additional contracts that weave together a captivating side story centred around former members of a paramilitary unit known as CICADA. As Agent 47, you will traverse the globe, relentlessly pursuing your targets to track down these individuals, dispersed across the vast World of Assassination.

Your destinations and targets:

  • Paris, where Scott Sarno, also known as “The Director,” awaits.
  • Sapienza, where you will encounter “The Enforcer.”
  • Marrakesh, home to “The Extractor” in seclusion.
  • Bangkok, where “The Veteran” has taken refuge.
  • Colorado, the hiding place of “The Mercenary.”
  • Finally, in Hokkaido, “The Controller” is undergoing treatment at the Gamma Facility in Hokkaido.

These six targets have returned, and are ready to be dealt with in HITMAN World of Assassination. The Sarajevo Six was originally released only for HITMAN 1, but now all players have the opportunity to go head-to-head with the Six targets and take down what remains of CICADA. Good luck.

The Trinity Pack

In August, we are thrilled to reintroduce the Trinity Pack! Initially offered as an exclusive pre-order bonus for HITMAN 3, the Trinity Pack commemorates all three games within the HITMAN trilogy and will be available to buy for $4.99 USD on August 17.

This incredible pack has three stylish suits, three formidable guns, and three briefcases to match the drapes.

Summer Trinity Pack

Summer event: The Dartmoor Garden Show

If you’re enjoying the World of Assassination as a Free Starter Pack player, then you can look forward to a Garden Show you’ll never forget. Visit or revisit Dartmoor from HITMAN 3 as it’s completely changed into a beautiful Garden Show with flowers from all across the globe.

The Dartmoor Garden Show is a unique Escalation Contract-styled seasonal event introduced with HITMAN 3. It takes place in a reimagined version of Dartmoor during a garden show where Agent 47 must eliminate both judges and contestants.

Summer Garden Show

August 17th – Curated contracts: Switcher’s comic book store

Community member Switcher will open their Comic Book Store on August 17! Join the grand opening in August and bring your reading glasses as these Contracts are all Comic book themed. Each mission will have its own unique HITMAN comic book feel. KAPOW!

So, mark your calendars, don your capes and masks, and prepare for an unforgettable experience. The countdown to the grand opening has begun, and the fate of this comic book universe rests in your hands. Will you rise to the challenge?

August 18th – Free location rotation: Colorado

Your favourite apricot farm returns for all Free Starter Pack Players to enjoy starting August 18. This location is rumoured to be one of the toughest in the World of Assassination. Believe in the rumours? Take it for a spin and test your skills.

August 25th – Elusive target: The politician – Year 3

Dive into the intriguing world of politics as your next target is the infamous Barbara Keating, also known as “the Politician.” Brace yourselves, because she has made her grand return to Hawke’s Bay, ready to sway opinions and gather support for a solid ten days, commencing on August 25.

But here’s the catch: be sure to keep those eagle eyes sharp, because Barbara Keating has a doppelganger. Yes, you heard it right! It seems like politics isn’t the only arena where doubles are causing confusion. In this case, only the real target holds the key to success, so be careful not to fall for any political decoys.

Summer Politician

And now let’s look at some of the events coming at the end of summer:

September 1st – Elusive target: The chameleon – Year 3

The calendar might say September, but the two upcoming targets are still part of the Summer Roadmap.

Showcase your unmatched talent for the art of deception with this Elusive Target. Your “hey, that wasn’t me” skills will be put to the ultimate test as The Chameleon makes his return to the infamous apricot farm/ Mercenary Camp in Colorado. Your objective is to identify and eliminate The Chameleon while making it appear as if it were an unfortunate accident.

September 8th – Elusive target: The ascensionist – Year 3

Gear up for September 8th as we return to the golden city of Dubai. Your target is the one and only con artist extraordinaire, The Ascensionist, who possesses an uncanny ability to scale the social ladder using any means necessary. Her journey of deception and mayhem has led her straight to Dubai, and that’s where your paths intersect.

Come September 8 show her that gravity has a way of catching up with those who try to climb too high. Remember, the higher they ascend, the harder they fall, and you’ll be there to witness it firsthand.

What are you looking forward to most in these summer events? Let us know in the comments below the summer event you’re most looking forward to. And don’t forget to keep on checking out the latest gaming news by clicking here.

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