To help indie devs, Crytivo is giving up a cut of sales

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To help indie developers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Crytivo is giving their portion of revenue share back to developers.

Today indie game publisher and developer Crytivo announced that they will be dropping their cut of the revenue on their Store, meaning that developers will receive 100% of the profit from sales for the foreseeable future. This extends to their publishing partners, whose titles will receive the same benefits across all platforms.

We have seen a dramatic increase in sales over the past few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are very grateful for the support, but we realize that there are so many people going through hardship during this time, including many indie developers.

Starting today, we decided to drop our cut of the profits from sales on the Crytivo Store, Steam, and other platforms where we publish our games. We hope that this will be a huge help to our talented partners as they face some difficult months ahead. With a declining economy potentially on the horizon, we may soon see fewer sales, so we hope this gives them the boost they need to survive whatever is to come.

Our goal is to position ourselves as a publisher that cares about our partners and our fans. We would like to give back where we can and remain honest and fair with all of our supporters.

Alex Koshelkov (Founder and CEO)

A few weeks ago, Crytivo ran a 30% discount on all of the games they publish in their online store to benefit fans stuck at home. This discount came out of the publisher’s share of the profits, so it didn’t impact the revenue of developers.

Crytivo is a relatively new publisher located in California, USA and is best known for their planet management god game, The Universim, and the upcoming dinosaur zoo tycoon, Prehistoric Kingdom.

Crytivo – New game announcement

Crytivo is set to unveil a new flagship game they’re publishing on April 28th. For more news and updates from the publisher, you can follow them on Twitter (@Crytivo).

Crytivo have rekleased a Sneak Peek Gif on an upcoming multiplayer game
Sneak Peek Gif on an upcoming multiplayer game

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