HandyGames is Joining Indie Arena Booth Online at Gamescom 2020

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HandyGames is joining Indie Arena Booth Online at Gamescom August 27th-30th 2020!

Will online conventions with virtual characters be our future? We don’t know yet, but let’s find out together.

We are looking forward to meeting you all virtually in one of our game booths at the Indie Arena Booth Online from August 27th through 30th! Drop by, meet us, talk to our developers, and chat with other indie fans! Check out, what HandyGames and their teams have been working on for the past months.

Watch the video with our awesome line-up for Indie Arena Booth 2020 with even more awesome indie titles!

So, you’re super excited to see how an online convention will play out, right? Indie Arena Booth put together a really nice concept and managed to get it online within an amazingly short time frame. They made dreams come true! A fully virtual booth with different rooms to visit, public and private chats, interactable objects and NPCs, directly streaming live events, and so much more to explore! We even have a backstage area at our publisher booth. Cheers!

Enjoy lovely made game booths with a lot to explore and interact!

Streaming-Events overview

Oh yeah! There will be events! And we’re not talking only simple Let’s Plays, we have some super special events to keep our fans and visitors entertained such as cooking with the devs, Lego building, and speedruns.

HandyGames Indie Arena Booth Online Live Event Schedule

About HandyGames

HandyGames is part of the THQ Nordic and Embracer Group family and operates as an international publisher for mid-sized projects and developers for a worldwide audience.

The focus lies on creating and publishing games for current-gen consoles like PlayStation 4, the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X or Nintendo Switch as well as games for Steam and many other PC gaming distribution channels. HandyGames produces titles for new innovative gaming platforms, for example, VR (Virtual Reality) on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR, but also offers games of all kind of genres for Android smartphones and tablets, Apple iPhones, iPads and many other mobile and smart devices.

As a games company and that is truly passionate about gaming, we always strive for gameplay innovation. We received the German Developer Award as “Best German Game Studio” in 2015 and produced and published award-winning games of virtually every video gaming genre imaginable for a diverse range of audiences and gameplay styles. One example is “Townsmen VR” which was awarded with the German Games Award 2018 in the category “Best Game Design”.

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