Era of Celestials Celebrates Its 2nd Anniversary

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Fantasy 3D MMOARPG Era of Celestials is two-years-old and you can join in the celebrations, with some old classes and some new looks. There’s a bit of something for everyone here and old and new players alike should find something appealing to explore. 


To celebrate the anniversary, Era of Celestials has prepared a range of gifts. Players joining our anniversary events stand a very good chance of winning a lot of very cool in-game stuff.


August 21 sees an all-new new event, Slumbering Celestial Band — which will be available to all players. This event consists of six parts: Celestial Band Available, Celestial Band Omen, Expedition Trials, Operation Awakening, Cursed Prayer, and Awakening Shop. Join the first ‘Celestial Band Available’ to collect the new Celestial Bands: Band of Ice and Fire, Thunderstorm Band, Band of Light, and Band of Darkness. 

During the event, players are appointed either Guardian Envoys or Divine Saints to join in-game events; earning Envoy Medals or Saint Medals so they can purchase items in the Awakening Shop. In addition, players can get new costumes, mounts, and even titles (via Cursed Prayer).


Players will need to reach the required level to unlock Lineage Clone. 10 different pieces of Lineage Equipment can be equipped on the Lineage Clone, and each piece of Lineage Equipment will have its own Lineage Points. Once the Lineage Points have reached a certain number, PvP attributes and additional skills will be activated. The rarities of the Lineage Equipment determine the special effects of the activated Lineage Skills.


A giant birthday cake has been added to the main city. Log in and take a photo with it. Afterwards, share the photo on Facebook/Instagram with #EOC2YEARS for a chance to get a surprise gift!


We want to thank each and every one of our players over the past two years, your continued support is our best motivation. 

May our game bring you even more fun for many moons to come!”

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