Habbo Fan Favorite SnowStorm Mini-Game Returns Today!

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Back by overwhelmingly popular demand, Habbo’s most popular mini-game returns today! Immensely popular in its heyday, SnowStorm is an action-packed game where you and your teammates have one mission: to throw as many snowballs at the opposing team as possible, as quickly as possible while avoiding hostile (snowball) fire from your opponents.

Habbo SnowStorm Is BACK!

Duck, weave and run to out-maneuver your opponents all the while pelting them with a deluge of fluffy snowballs to rack up points. You can only carry 5 snowballs at a time, so you must aim to hit your adversaries hiding behind trees and bushes, or try your luck at hitting runners by anticipating their movements. Restock your frosty weapon supply at the snowball machine or by visiting the piles of snowballs, but you become a slow and easy target when you are restocking, so you’d better be quick!

We’ve had a number of fans repeatedly ask us to bring back Snowstorm, and we’ve been working to reintroduce this incredibly popular mini-game from 2013 back into Habbo as part of our transition to Unity.

Valtteri Karu, CEO of Sulake
Habbo SnowStorm artwork

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