Guardian Tales, Opens Up for Pre-Registration

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Kakao Games announced today that they are making another step forward towards the global launch of their new mobile action-adventure game: Guardian Tales. Following a promising soft launch, the publisher has now launched its new website, and interested players can now pre-register for the game. 

Players that register on the website will be rewarded with a unique costume that can be claimed once the game launches fully at the end of July 2020.

Guardian Tales gameplay screenshot telling you to crush your enemies

Guardian Tales is a pixel art, top-down, action-adventure game in which players dive into dungeons as part of an epic quest. But since it is dangerous to go alone, players can also collect various helpers to assist them in combat. Using charming pixel-art graphics and challenging players through complex puzzles and deadly boss fights, Guardian Tales will also see players explore a wide range of different worlds that pay homage to the rich history of video games that inspired the developers to create the game. 

Users interested in Guardian Tales can receive updates on the game’s Twitter, Facebook and the new website. 

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