Demolish & Build is now available on Xbox One

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Demolish & Build, a construction simulator, launches on Xbox One. The players will get a chance to run a global construction & demolition company and use an array of different tools, from the traditional hammer to large machines. The release date for Xbox One has been set to July 3rd this year. Previously the game also launched on Nintendo Switch.

Demolish & Build is a game based on the Demolish & Build 2018 simulator released on PC in March 2018. In January 2020, the title launched on Nintendo Switch, and now it debuts on Xbox One. The Polish company Ultimate Games S.A. is responsible for the conversions and publishing Demolish & Build on both consoles.

The simulator gives players the opportunity to head a global construction and demolition company. In the game, the players will get to use, among others, huge machines and destroy massive building structures. The developers will also provide them with various other options, including the possibility to use the traditional hammer. The publisher has pointed out that in the game, the player can also, for example, buy land and manage specialised machines and employees.

The players will have a chance to experience 4 large locations, including desert areas and snowy forests. The list of available tools and construction vehicles consists of over a dozen different items. The vehicles include a bulldozer, crane, demolition robot, backhoe loader, road roller, cement mixer and a wrecking ball crane.

After a successful launch on Nintendo Switch, Demolish & Build can now be experienced by Xbox One owners. It is important to note that when developing the game, we did not want to focus solely on construction fans. Demolish & Build is a highly diversified game that allows the players to realise both their designer and destructive tendencies. The main​gameplay features are well complemented by, among others, economic elements.

Rafał Jelonek, COO at Ultimate Games S.A
Demolish & Build gameplay showing a bulldozer smashing through a building

Demolish & Build – main features:

  • Construction and demolition work;
  • Over a dozen large machines;
  • Recruiting and managing staff;
  • 4 different locations around the world;
  • Specialised tools;
  • Performing contracts and collecting materials;
  • Real estate investments.

The release date for the game on Xbox One has been set to July 3rd, 2020.

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