Goblins of Elderstone Launches Diplomacy Update Today

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Independent development studio, Outerdawn, today announced that the much-anticipated Diplomacy update is now live in Goblins of Elderstone, which is currently in Early Access on Steam with a full launch expected later this year. A long-requested feature from the community, the Diplomacy update allows players to forge alliances and political relationships with other races they will meet during Treks in the game’s procedural world map.

Goblins of Elderstone Alpha 20 Trailer

We’re really excited about the Diplomacy update, as it not only fills countless community requests, but it also marks another major update of several that will be implemented into Goblins of Elderstone as we gear up for full launch later this year. We have a lot more in store, including updates to Heroes and Gods, combat, multi clans and achievements, which will roll out through the summer in time for launch.

Goblins of Elderstone is a unique take on a city-building game with a far more chaotic, goblin-fuelled survival, RPG approach to the genre. In addition to gathering resources and crafting buildings, the Diplomacy update allows you to navigate relationships with neighbouring factions and other ruling races. Boost your trek chances by becoming enemies or allies with each settlement leader, actively gifting and complimenting fellow rulers, or insulting and requesting favours from them.

But tread carefully in your political relationships. Allies will trade more favourably with you and be more responsive to faith pilgrimages, while enemies may send raiding warbands to your village. Orc, Elven, Human and Dwarven raider units have been added to the game, so upsetting the wrong leader(s) before you are strong enough may expose you to devastating attacks.

Goblins of Elderstone gameplay

Goblins of Elderstone is currently available in Early Access on Steam for 19.99 USD / £15.49 / €16.79 with a final launch expected later this year. 

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