Gioteck and friends are heading to Insomnia 2023 – And so are we

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As usual, members of the FULLSYNC team will be attending Insomnia 2023, and we can’t wait to see what Gioteck, a leading video game accessory brand under Embracer Freemode, has in store for gamers. Alongside fellow Freemode companies Bitwave Games, Clear River Games, and Game Outlet Europe, Gioteck is making its Insomnia debut from April 7th to 10th at Birmingham’s renowned NEC venue.

This Easter weekend, the UK video games industry converges on the NEC for a celebration of gaming, with players and companies alike coming together to share their passion at Insomnia 2023 (i70). Embracer Freemode will showcase a medley of modern gaming peripherals and action-packed retro video games, promising the ultimate gaming experience.

Gioteck knows that the right controller can make all the difference in a player’s experience. At Insomnia 2023, gamers will have the chance to try out the wireless SC3 Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch and PC, as well as learn more about the new EVO Pro Controller for Xbox. Featuring programmable back buttons, changeable magnetic thumbsticks, and textured grips, Gioteck is eager to help players elevate their gaming skills. They’ll also be showcasing the elegant Duo and Solo Charging Stands for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Gioteck Solo Charging Stand PS5 on show at Insomnia 2023

Gimmick: Special Edition, an NES masterpiece previously released only in Japan and Scandinavia, is coming to modern gamers in 2023. Attendees at Insomnia 2023 will have the opportunity to get hands-on with this unforgettable game. Bitwave Games, fresh off the release of their Toaplan Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up Collection Vol. 1, is also bringing the quartet of retro shooters, Out Zone, Twin Cobra, Zero Wing, and Truxton, for players to test their

Out Zone logo

Akai Katana Origin, a 2010 arcade game, is part of the three-title collection Akai Katana Shin, which will be available to play at Birmingham’s NEC this Easter. The games feature players controlling a World War II fighter plane in Japan’s feudal Taisho period, with a mix of styles ranging from massive steampunk machinery to Samurai-wielding bosses.

Clear River Games, the publisher with a deep love for classic retro titles, is also showcasing the old-school platformer Frogun Deluxe Edition. This colourful, pixelated adventure, complete with a frog-shaped grappling hook, takes players on a journey across freezing snow caps and scorching lava swamps in a modern representation of a low-poly aesthetic.

For those nostalgic for the arcade experience, 8BitDo’s Arcade Stick will be available to try out at Insomnia. This retro-styled yet technologically advanced controller comes with switchable controller profiles, custom button mapping, and macros with any button combination. Gamers can also enjoy the customization options of 8BitDo’s Ultimate Controller range while playing on Nintendo Switch at the stand. Additionally, Game Outlet Europe is bringing the SEGA Astro City Mini V, a 1/6 size reproduction of the original Astro City arcade cabinet that houses 22 classic titles.

Game Outlet Europe Ultimate Controller in White

Gioteck and friends are excited to welcome gamers to their world at Insomnia 2023, offering daily competitions and a grand prize draw. To participate in the gaming challenges and see the prizes for themselves, attendees should visit stand S62. For updates, follow @GioteckArmy on Twitter. Our team at FULLSYNC can’t wait to experience all the exciting games and hardware on display at this year’s event. If you see us, come and say hi. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a free FULLSYNC sticker for you to wear with pride. Or we might just buy you a beverage or too.

Here’s a quick trailer to show you a bunch of the cool stuff that’ll be on show at the event.

Insomnia 2023 – i70 trailer

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