The last couple of years hasn’t been ideal by any stretch of the imagination. Whilst you may think that the bunch of geeks, nerds and other names we get called that we can’t repeat who run FULLSYNC would enjoy being locked inside away from the world. You’d be wrong.

Us folk at FULLSYNC do enjoy the outside world. We like visiting beer gardens mainly, but that still counts. We’ve even missed seeing loved ones and friends. Some of them anyway.

But one thing we’ve missed more than anything else is going out to gaming events where we get to mingle with people who have similar interests to our own.

This week that all changes, as FULLSYNC head out on tour! We say tour, it’s just a trip to Birmingham for the weekend to go to Insomnia 68. But it may as well be a tour because it has been so long since we’ve been able to attend, and we’re REALLLLLLLY excited to go. Partly to see games, partly to see people, and partly to let our hair down in the evening with some fine food and drink.

It’s been a while since we attended an event, just see how fine a shape I had before the lockdown weight gain.

MaddOx_FS getting ready to enter the gamer's paradise
MaddOx_FS getting ready to enter the gamer’s paradise

What’s on?

There are a few areas we are looking forward to, such as the community vs. zone where people can come together and play games, and the retro gaming station too for a nostalgia trip.

We’re also looking to enjoy a little esports action too, the CS:GO tournaments we’ve seen in the past often are quite competitive. And we expect that to continue. Sadly, we won’t be able to witness all the finals though, as we’ll be travelling home on Sunday afternoon/evening.

In terms of specific titles on display by the likes of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, I’m disappointed. There is nothing new on show, it’s all games already released. Things we’ve seen before. They may have some new info about expansions whilst we’re there, but so far with what’s announced, it’s underwhelming.

Come say hi to the FULLSYNC team

Anyway, if you see us around in any of these locations, be sure to come and say hello. If you do, we may just give you some lovely FULLSYNC vinyl stickers. They’re limited edition, because, well, we received a limited supply. But they’re great quality and look fantastic, so we may well get more custom stickers to make them less limited, but equally as special.

FULLSYNC Sticker next to RGB keyboard

If you happen to see us propping up a bar too, then still come say hi. Maybe if you show us a picture of a cat or ask us to test you with some gaming trivia that, if you get right, maybe rewarded by us buying you a beverage. Because that’s how the FULLSYNC crew roles.

We look forward to hopefully meeting lots of old and plenty of new faces, playing plenty of games, and having a grand old time. Don’t be a stranger, we’ll see you at Insomnia 68!

Insomnia 68 takes place at the NEC, Birmingham from Friday 15th April 2022 to Monday the 18th April 2022. FULLSYNC will be present at i68 on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th. Remember to say hellow to us to

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