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With Christmas fast-approaching, buying gifts has already begun. And if you’re struggling to think what to get the gamer in your life, then we have you covered.

When buying gifts for gamers, there are a couple of things to consider — especially since this is a dynamic group that consists of different ages and genders. Each gamer has their own preferences when it comes to all things gaming. Choosing the best gifts for them can be a difficult feat to accomplish considering that there are so many brands to choose from.

Gaming peripherals are like food and water combined for gamers. Without them, gaming sessions are pretty much impossible, which is why most of them are very particular when it comes to buying the right accessories for their gaming lifestyle.

In this article, I will be joining you as we go through the essential gaming peripherals and some tips on how to get the best gaming gifts for your gamer family member or friend.

Our Gaming Gifts Tips


Did you know that sitting for many hours is bad for your health? Uh huh, you read it right, folks. It actually is really bad, especially if you lounge in a crappy chair most days. A gaming chair is designed for extended use and its primary objective is to keep the user sitting healthy and tall. Maintaining a good posture in a comfy and cosy chair allows the game enthusiast to focus more on their games — and do so without pain.

Some factors to look into when buying gaming chairs as gifts are:


The right gaming chair materials and cushions can immensely affect those sitting sessions. If you are looking into buying budget chairs, be careful with the cushion or material quality because many of them compromise these features in exchange for the affordable price tag.


As mentioned briefly, a gaming chair's primary purpose is to provide comfort. In this specific gaming peripheral, comfort comes in three forms, backrest, headrest, and armrest. Having all these parts dramatically reduces any discomfort in the gamer’s spine, neck, and arms — therefore promoting a more relaxed and enjoyable gameplay.


If you don’t know have the specific height of the user, you may as well go with height adjustable gaming chairs as these can support an individual’s height while still offering the right elevation for the legs to ensure that a good posture is maintained. Depending on the manufacture,  some gaming chairs can be adjusted without needing to stand up. These chairs are equipped with gas lifts, allowing the gamer to increase or decrease the chair per their needs, even when sitting.


Headsets are considered gaming essentials, especially for gamers who want to have an immersive experience during their game sessions.

Key factors to consider when buying them as gifts include:


Naturally, you want a headset that provides great sound quality for its price. If you’re going to take things to a level higher, then you can go with a headset that offers virtual surround sound effects — but of course, this goes with a more expensive price tag.


Comfort is also important — especially since it’s likely that the headset will be worn for a long time. Thus, it’s better to look for one that has large pads. It’s also a great idea to pick one that has a good noise cancellation feature so that your gaming friend can devote their full attention to the game.


A headset, whether it’s a regular one or one for gaming sessions, can either be wired or wireless. It’s just a matter of preference actually because either way, the gamer will still be able to play and hear just fine.

Red and black gaming keyboard, mouse and headset sitting on top of each other on a desk


A keyboard is probably the most used (and abused) of the gaming peripherals, with the gaming mouse a close second. This is why it is imperative to choose a keyboard that fits the gamer’s preference and style as a game enthusiast.

Some of the more important features to look out for when buying gaming keyboards as gifts are:


You can choose to buy either a membrane keyboard or a mechanical keyboard. Just to give you a brief breakdown of the two; first off, is the membrane type is ideal for casual gamers and is typically replaceable after few months of usage. For hardcore gamers, a mechanical keyboard is best for them as this is more durable and suitable for their harsh ways.

  • LED

Most gaming keyboards today are backlit with coloured LEDs. However, only a few — dubbed ‘premium keyboards’ — provide the option to alter each key colour. This specific feature is critical for many gamers as it is easier for them to locate keys with their respective colours.


Like the gaming keyboard and other gaming peripherals, choosing the right mouse enhances a gamer’s skills and accuracy and potentially reduces stress, injuries, or strain on their hands.

Key factors to look at when contemplating buying a new gaming mouse for gifts include:


Grip style is a way a person holds a computer mouse. It comes in three types; pam grip, claw grip and fingertip grip. When buying a gaming mouse for gamers, you have to look at its structure and determine which grip style it supports.

  • SIZE

The size of the mouse is also another critical factor to consider. Normally, gamers with average to large hands go for a full-sized mouse while those with smaller hands prefer smaller-sized.


A mouse’s sensor technology is referred to the sensitivity of the mouse — or how fast it can move on the screen. This sensitivity is measured in DPI, or Dots Per Inch, which means that the higher the DPI, the quicker someone can get the mouse moving.


Much like keyboards, the gaming mouses you’ll be looking at also come in two connection types, wired and wireless. Wireless is the most used these days since you gamers won’t need to deal with long and uncluttered cables. Of course, a wired mouse is also great for gamers who don’t want to worry about an empty battery or sudden loss of Bluetooth connection that forces them to stop mid-game.

Small child sitting on a gaming chair in front of a gaming monitor with his hands in the air as if he is celebrating victory and his gifts at christmas.


These can make great gifts. But, finding the right monitor for your gaming enthusiast is also important. There’s a lot of variabilities when it comes to size, price, and special features. You’ll have to work within your budget to meet the gamer’s preferences and needs. You can check out our recent review of Element Gaming’s new 27″ QHD gaming monitor by clicking HERE.

For those who are looking for something a little different than the Element Gaming one that we reviewed, here are some important things to consider when shopping:


Today, gaming monitors are available in three display solutions: 1080p for full HD, 14409 for QHD/2K, and 2160p for UHD/4K. The main concept here is the higher the resolution, the higher the pixel count — providing a better visual and picture clarity.


Monitors can have three refresh rates, 60Hz, 144Hz, or 240Hz. A refresh rate of a monitor is measured by the number of times it can refresh the display image for a single second. But before deciding which one to go with, you have to ensure that the graphics card can handle such rate. Only the best graphics card for overwatch is suitable for a gaming monitor.


Lastly, consider whether you want G-Sync or FreeSync. Either way, it will help you avoid screen tearing while playing games — without sacrificing on the performance.


So there you have it, friends! Those are some of the top considerations you have to bear in mind when purchasing gifts for gamers. Oh, and you can also check out for more fantastic gaming gifts ideas that many gamers would love to have — especially now that the Christmas season is quickly approaching!

Not looking for gaming gifts and just want some news instead? click right HERE.

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