Games That Distract You from Your Studies

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The studying process requires concentration and tunnel vision when you don’t get distracted by any trifle. However, a person cannot stay focused on the same task for too long, so small breaks are not less important for achieving the long-lasted effect. Many students choose video games to fill in their free time. Even though moderate gaming can help them sharpen their mental abilities, young people often devote way too much time to their favourite activity.

Sometimes they find themselves in a situation when a term paper service is their only way to meet deadlines and avoid poor grades. Thus, it turns out that playing video games is a two-edged sword. Studies have shown that students who play several hours a week show better academic performance than those who don’t.

On the other hand, video gaming can hardly be called an IQ booster. Perhaps it is all about the types of games students choose to devote their break to. Multiplayer games are catchier and more fascinating, so it can be hard for a person to stop on time. The following options have been considered the most widespread time killers that distract students from studies.

Apex Legends

It is one of those well-tailored post-apocalyptic shooters that catch your attention from the first seconds, so it is hard to return to reality. The game can boast of a set of standard trimmings and hyper-mobile gameplay, so you can easily make even the most complicated flanking manoeuvres. Its ping system will force you to keep on going with playing since there is a feeling that everything will fall apart without you.

The developers are constantly working on expansions, so it is not easy to get bored with such a game. However, if you don’t want to find yourself in trouble, it is worth visiting PROESSAYS.NET and taking care of your assignments beforehand. 

Battle Royale Apex Legends map


It is one of the best representatives of the battle royal games that can boast many modes to everyone’s liking. Initially, it represented a great mixture of a sandbox, building, and survival elements. If you choose the original mode Save the World, you will be busy creating fortresses to deal with a serious zombie threat. Considering a huge Fortnite playing community, it is one of the greatest multiplayer games on PC that will not leave you time for studying.  

DoTA 2

It seems it has already managed to get a status of an iconic multiplayer game since it has gathered a huge army of fans worldwide. You can offer four friends to join you in the game or play with strangers. Anyway, two teams that consist of five players each will represent either the light or the dark side. Each player runs one character that has a special set of features and skills. Your hero can gain experience for enhancing their level, earn coins, sell and buy items that can improve or provide new abilities.

The fact that you play in real-time and with real people make gaming extremely fascinating. Professional gamers make good money on their play since the prize pool for its tournament was about $35 million two years ago. If you decide to start a career in eSports, you will be able to keep a work and study balance with the help of the trustworthy coursework writing service. 

Gameplay from one of the most popular games in esports, DotA 2

Team Fortress 2

It is one of the most popular online action games of all time among young people. They say this game is a brilliant example of how a small amateur modification can turn into a great first-person shooter. The developers haven’t changed the key moments of the first part, so several teams still consist of nine characters. When players decide on their class roles, they go to storm a hostile Fortress.

The main feature of the second part is its well-tailored gameplay and a variety of classes. The game constantly undergoes different improvements that make the gaming process too interesting to leave that easy. At first, the game may seem pretty challenging, but those who decide to sort things out join an army of its fans. 


It represents a team shooter made in a cartoon style. Players will have to battle each other in different arenas and various modes. You pick up the most appealing character who has their own story and a set of skills. Thus, it can happen that you will be on the side of good or evil. The gameplay takes place in the near future after the robot uprising. The Overwatch organization deals with the enemies, so all its heroes and adventurers take their life paths. However, the increased level of criminal activity makes all the former members come back and fight again to save the world and civilians. 

Overwatch champions standing together to take a group photo

Arma 3

As you might have guessed, it is a continuation of a famous series of tactical shooters when the NATO army finds itself in a trap and on the verge of defeat after several battles with East armies. The authorities decide on a desperate step to capture a top-secret facility on a remote island in the Mediterranean Sea. However, they fail since their enemies find out their decisions and destroy the group. Only one person manages to survive, and you will have to make your way from an ordinary victim to a captain of a troop. There can be several different endings, so it is up to you to decide which one you will choose.

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