How to Upgrade Your Computer in 2021

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High technologies develop so fast that a high-speed computer you bought several years ago can become outdated these days, so you can face certain performance discrepancies. If you use your PC only to read assignment geek reviews, surf the internet or work on simple assignments, then almost any working computer can do. Of course, it can make you wait a bit here and there and be incompatible with some programs, but you can still use it to meet your basic needs.

However, if you are a vivid gamer or deal with graphic design and require high performance, you may need some upgrades to keep on going with your stuff. Purchasing a brand-new device isn’t always an option, so you need to look for a more suitable way out. Your PC’s general performance depends on GPU, RAM, CPU, and storage space, but getting all the points can cost you a pretty penny. Nonetheless, it is enough to balance your system out to achieve the best performance possible in most cases. How can you upgrade your computer to feel the difference?

Upgrade your hard drive

If you don’t want to waste your time on constant waiting whilst on your computer, you need to upgrade your hard drive since it is responsible for speed and load time. It becomes one of the top priorities if you have noticed that you get nervous every time you turn on a computer because file access is too slow. The chances are high that your hard drive cannot cope with the workload, so it slows down all the processes, including the response time. It is worth paying attention to an SSD since its performance is more advanced compared to traditional hard drives.

The latter is more suitable as a major storage drive for your PC’s operating system. Searching for an SSD, you should pay attention to its interface. The modern market offers different types, so it is crucial to grab a suitable one. It should match your motherboard and fit in your budget. They say that the M.2NVMe drive is one of the best options since it provides one of the fastest speeds nowadays.


If you are not a gamer, you may believe that RAM doesn’t play any significant role for you, but it is not the case. It is responsible for short-term storage on your computer, so all the programs and apps you run on your PC at the current moment depend on your RAM. However, all the info disappears when you turn off your device. Thus, everything depends rather on the quality and requirements of the programs you use on the PC. When it comes to something more complicated, your computer may slow down.

Nowadays, 8 GB of RAM is almost nothing and suitable only for such activities as examining essayhave review on the web or doing a simple search. Thus, if you want to get the best out of your gaming or working experience, you should increase its number. Even though your PC will not start working at light speed, you will get a chance to run several apps or RAM-picky software.

Gaming Hardware - XPG GAMMIX D20 DDR4 Ram inserted on a motherboard

Upgrade your cooling

If your computer is still slow despite your high-performing software, the chances are high that your PC may suffer from overheating. It is one of the most common root causes of performance loss since the system immolates speed to lower the temperature. Some people opt for a generic case and turn a blind eye to the importance of cooling or get several cheap fans. If your case cannot boast of perfect airflow, you should get one exhaust fan at the rear and two intake fans in front.

The modern market offers wonderful options of cases that will not cost you a fortune but provide all the cooling you require. Besides, you should bear in mind that excessive dust is one of the main reasons for overheating, so you should take preventive measures. If you cannot find time to clean up your PC, it is worth turning to the essayservice since their advanced writers can help make room in your schedule. 

Add a new graphics card

Whether you play the latest games or work with graphics, you will not do without a high-quality graphics card if you want to avoid low FPS and lagging on your computer. Upgrading this component will improve your gaming experience and save your nerves. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a worthy GPU if you lack money or try to save every penny.

Normally you would find different options for your computer with an affordable price tag. However, due to supply issues at the moment, it’s not the best time to upgrade your GPU as prices have skyrocketed through the roof. You can now pay more for a second-hand card than a brand new one because there are so few available.

If you are still looking to add one to your computer though and have a 1080p resolution and want to get 60 FPS at least, you can pay attention to something like GTX1650. Those who tend to use higher resolutions can choose RTX3070 or its next generation. 

Choose a new keyboard and mouse

This point is optional, and it doesn’t affect your working performance as much as all other items specified above. However, these elements can improve your gaming experience since standard and cheap options limit you when it comes to intense and competitive gaming. A mouse should be a perfect fit for your hand and have the demanded number of buttons. Modern gaming keyboards have become more advanced than ever. They use mechanical switches to make actions in the game right away with the slightest key pressing.

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