Prime Gaming: Here’s what you need to know in 2024

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Amazon Prime made its way to the top of the streaming services in a very short period, but it is not just stopping there. By conquering the world of online shopping, to a successful streaming service, Amazon has branched out to new ideas and expanded its horizon to a gaming service. This brings us to Prime Gaming. Formerly known as Twitch Prime, the company has revamped Prime Gaming and is the best stop for gamers for online gaming.

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To know all about Prime Gaming, keep reading this piece!

Prime Gaming homepage

What is Prime Gaming?

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, then good news! It comes included with Prime Gaming, an exciting platform by the company that can significantly improve your gaming experience.

You will be fine to go as long as your Twitch and Amazon accounts are linked.

Each month, members have access to free games, a free Twitch subscription, and exclusive in-game prizes. Allow us to give you quite a perspective on this. Think of this gaming platform as something that Amazon is using for reward purposes for its gamers. After all, you do get heaps of free goodies inside. And if you enjoy playing video games, then why wouldn’t you want to grab this opportunity since the benefits therein can be rather sweet?

What are these benefits? Keep reading to find out.

What do you get with Prime Gaming?

In simple words, you receive many benefits from Prime Gaming for playing different games. These benefits keep on changing and are based on a rotating system. Also, not all awards endure at the same time as others. However, some of the cult-favourite games do get a bit on edge with some extra useful rewards.

However, what Prime Gaming IS NOT is a proper streaming platform. So, you can compare it to Amazon Luna, or Xbox Game Pass. The sole purpose of Prime Gaming is to offer a space for gamers to play free games and also collect some extra bonuses for their games. You only get a set of benefits that give players access to free in-game items for the games they already own and enjoy playing.

So, what are these benefits of Prime Gaming that we keep mentioning?

Prime Gaming benefits

What are the benefits of Prime Gaming?

A wide variety of game genres and gamers are catered to by the exciting perks that Prime Gaming offers. These benefits are:

Free Twitch subscription

Every gamer knows the value of Twitch. Prime members are given a free Twitch membership that they may use to support their preferred streamers. Additionally, you’ll be able to speak with other users and get unique Twitch chat colours and emotes.

Free games

Every month, members of Prime Gaming receive a selection of free PC games that they may download these games and enjoy forever. The selection of free games keeps changing every month which gives you the option to discover new favourites.

Get free in-game content

With Prime Gaming, you can get cosmetic packs, free cash, and other in-game goodies for dozens of games. Sometimes deals expire in the middle of the month, so seize the opportunity as you see it to take advantage of them. Getting these free in-game items will improve your gaming experience and help you unlock more adventures for yourself.

Prime Gaming in-game content

How much does it cost?

As we mentioned above Prime Gaming is a part of your Amazon Prime subscription, so you don’t have to go all out and get anything new. This means you don’t need to pay more except for what Amazon Prime costs, which is currently $14.99 monthly. Or for a better deal, you can pay a charge of $139 for an annual subscription.

Do you need a Prime Gaming subscription?

As a hardcore gamer, it is hard to say no to gaming platforms. Whether you are out there playing the big leagues, or you just play to pass your time – a new addition never hurts. Especially if it comes included in a package with Amazon Prime.

But does that mean we completely endorse this purchase? Also no.

Okay, hear us out.

  • Do you like to get your hands on new games?
  • Do you like the quick access to the new releases, especially if you get a trial period for it?
  • Do you want to amp up your current games with unlocking in-game features, and accessories?

If you said yes to the above questions, then undoubtedly Prime Gaming is something you shouldn’t skip. Get your subscription at the earliest!

However, if you are not entirely sold on what the platform is bringing to the table, well then, you can stick to your favourite OGs and wait for Prime Gaming to up its game to the competitors’ levels.

So, will you be subscribing to Prime Gaming? Do let us know your decision in the comments below!

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