Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story: What it is and tips for playing

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League of Legends has never been more popular. As of 2024, there are around 140 million active players, with more joining the ranks every day. There’s also no shortage of Summoner’s Rift adjacent content out there at the moment, with the smash hit Netflix series, Arcane breaking animated viewing figures. However, it’s Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story that has fans particularly excited at the moment. 

What is Bandle Tale all about? 

In a departure from the team-based combat of the flagship title, Bandle Tale is a simulation-based game. In Bandle Tale, you take charge of a Yordle, acting in all manner of everyday activities to become a hero that’s worthy of taking a place among the many champions of League of Legends.

There’s a surprising amount of variety here, with players able to earn experience from everything from farming to knitting! Looking for some tips on how to increase your productivity in Bandle Tale? We’ve got you covered.

Bandle Tale gameplay

Start with a great setup 

When you first get started in the game, you’ll have your own home, furnished with a few key objects. These include a workbench, a planning table, and a bed. You might like the idea of keeping your abode as spartan as possible, but it makes sense to turn it into a hotbed of industry. Add the things you’ll need to up production to this single space, saving you the need to dart from one location to another. 

When you’re ready to make a move, remember that you can actually take your home along with you. To ensure you’re never without your home, have your Yordle interact with the workbench directly outside your lodgings. You should then select ‘additional actions’ and click on ‘remove backpack’.

You can now traverse the map with your home slung over your shoulders in backpack form. If you want to set your backpack down and restore your house to its former glory, look for any location displaying the yellow house-shaped icon. 

Bandle Tale inside home

What you need to know about emotions 

Emotion slots are a key gameplay mechanic of Bandle Tale. These slots can be filled throughout the day by completing a variety of different activities. The more you fill these slots, the more skill points you’ll obtain when your character rests at the end of the day. As soon as your slots are filled to the maximum, it’s time to sleep. This way, you’ll earn skill points more quickly and avoid wasting precious time that could be spent increasing those levels again. 

Another way to increase emotion is to interact with the world around you. You’ll find emotions readily available at all manner of in-game locations. If you notice a yellow hand-shaped icon, this is an indicator that you can interact with the item for an emotion boost. 

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story gameplay, gathering around a portal

Inventory management is essential 

As with League of Legends itself, inventory management plays an important role in Bandle Tale. Your inventory interface is known as your ‘pocket’. When you start, this pocket will have 24 individual item slots. This might seem pretty lean, but you’ll be able to earn additional slots the more you play. You’ll need to use different items to unlock these upgrades, with three new slots added every time you do. 

Don’t have sufficient slots to store everything you want to? Not to worry. Anything that won’t fit comfortably in your pocket can be stowed away in chests until you’re ready to retrieve it. An easy way to sidestep a pocket with a few spare slots is to add a chest to your backpack home. This way, you’ll always have access to a full inventory. 

While Bandle Tale is unlikely to match the success of its parent title, it’s proving popular enough with players looking for a change of pace. Prefer the usual 5v5 thrills of League of Legends? Head to for the latest tournament action.

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