The coolest DoTA 2 characters

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What started as a community-created mod of Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos in 2003 has now become the most popular Esports game. DoTA 2 may have a steep learning curve and is complex to a fault, but that’s what makes it the cream of the crop of the esports scene.

For the uninitiated, DoTA 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that pits two teams of five players against each other with the goal of destroying the other’s base.

DoTA 2 features a unique cast of “Heroes” to use. We’re compiling a list of the coolest of these heroes factoring in how fun they are in action, their lore, and overall design. We’re not factoring in how effective they are. There are enough tier lists for that.

Ymir, the Tusk – Snowball fights and bowling

With no puns intended, Ymir is one of the coolest heroes you’ll find in DoTA 2. The “Terror from the Barrier” and “Snowball from Cobalt”, Ymir can turn himself and his allies into one massive snowball that bowls over anything in its path.

As if turning into a snowball and watching your enemies flee or get stunned isn’t cool enough, Ymir’s special, the “Walrus PUNCH!” launches the opponent into the air and stuns them briefly. Consider this DoTA 2’s answer to Captain Falcon’s Falcon PUNCH!

What makes Ymir even more badass is that he’s in DoTA 2 simply because he wants more happy hours with his drinking buddies. Now that’s a true friend.

DoTA 2's Ymir, the Tusk

Dazzle, the Shadow Priest – Voodoo on synthwave tingz

If synthwave made a baby with voodoo Dazzle will be the baby. This ranged intelligence hero’s gimmick comes in the form of him healing his allies and hurting his enemies at the same time.

Unlike many heroes in the game, Dazzle actually went out and became what he wanted to be. An enlightenment-hungry acolyte, Dazzle partook in a spiritual ritual that transported him into an ethereal realm where light and dark was reversed.

Dazzle also has a unique niche as his healing spells can also deal damage while his ultimate, “Bad Juju” makes him able to spam his spells more effectively.

Tresdin, the Legion Commander – WAR!!

The epitome of “high-risk high reward”, the Legion Commander is the ultimate war freak – a warrior hellbent on shredding through anything that stands in her way, not unlike a berserker.

But she isn’t a mindless battering ram, but also a calculated killer. Legion Commander is perfect for players who love to hunt down and challenge foes one-on-one as her special, “Duel”, permanently adds damage.

Legion Commander’s specialty also allows her to turn the tides on her enemies with her skill, “Overwhelming Odds”. Like a true badass, Legion Commander is made for war.

DoTA 2's Tresdin, the Legion Commander

Grimstroke – Edgelord done right

As his name suggests, Grimstroke is killing his enemies and winning fans over all with the stroke of a brush. As far as this edgy hero goes, Grimstroke is a corrupt version of his people’s higher powers not unlike a Sith Lord in Star Wars.

Grimstroke can easily appeal to connoisseurs of anything dark, twisted, or misunderstood — all admirable traits from budding artists. Gameplay- wise, Grimstroke could be described as a nuker or offensive support but is versatile and can play many roles.

Players fond of freelancing from a distance would adore Grimstroke. His ultimate, “Soulbind” also gives him the power to crush multiple enemies together adding heavy substance to his already rich style.

Pudge, the Butcher – Munchies!

Pudge is a big blob of fun who’s both cuddly and obnoxious at the same time. Renowned in the community as the most feared ganker, Pudge’s iconic “Meat Hook” lets him pull anyone up to 1400 range away disregarding any trees or terrain in the process. “Get over here!”

While he can be difficult and risky to use, dedicated players will extract loads of fun using the undead giant. But Pudge isn’t just some meat- obsessed butcher, he helps all his friends too.

Pudge is the local butcher helping carrion birds cut their meals into beak-sized chunks. He also had a pet once… a ditch hog who he swe back. But then he ate it. Yum.

Carl, the Invoker – Because… magic!

Arguably DoTA 2’s most popular character, the Invoker is one of the most difficult but rewarding characters to use, namely because he can ​be anything he damn well wants.

Invoker isn’t like the traditional DoTA 2 hero that have three set abilities plus an ultimate and accumulate points. Instead, you can use up to ten different spells and 14 abilities in total all through his main reagents: Quas, Wex, and Exort.

Carl is last on this list namely because we didn’t so much care about his lore or design when factoring him in. The immense freedom and creativity he allows are enough to have him on any list, this one included.

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