Fortnite – Chapter 3: Season 2

by Ben Kirby
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Usually, under normal circumstances, the hype train for a new season in Fortnite is running off the rails the day prior to a major update. This time around, Epic has scaled it back, and honestly, I can see why.

Firstly, credit to Epic for not ploughing ahead with the trailers etc for the new season of Fortnite. Because the imagery of an invading army, tanks, war etc, are a little too close to home at the moment with Russia trying to take Ukraine.

The real-world parallels are easy to see. And no doubt this stuff was knocked together months ago, nobody could have seen the world turning out as it has. Fortnite isn’t really a game to draw upon politics or even real-world events (like, significant events, anyway). So this was a perfect storm and I think it’s fair to say they’ve done the right thing.

Even their proceeds from the game are going towards humanitarian causes for Ukraine during the initial release of season 2.

Fortnite tank


I don’t think want to be seen to be taking things lightly with the Russian attack on Ukraine, nor do I think that Fortnite is in any way a parody or “take” on these things. So all that aside (not sure how else to say that…). Let’s talk about the new season a little and look at what we have to look forward to.

If you watch the trailer alone, you can see a cavalcade of new features, and interestingly, features removed! Tanks, sprinting, mantling ledges? Fortnite is making players more mobile on foot, and more armoured in a vehicle.

Cannons at outposts can be used to fire upon enemies, but also as a man-cannon to launch yourself across the map.

Add Zeppelin’s into the mix for that more totalitarian vibe, and you’re good to go. Fortnite is bringing war and invasion vibes in a big way. Of course, let’s remember this is a bright, colourful world and doesn’t exactly replicate war in real life.

What’s gone?

The headline Fortnite change is the removal of building in-game. The one thing that originally set it apart from PUBG.

Now, I thought this would cause outrage online, but it appears to have been quite the opposite! People that aren’t pro players, generally don’t build to hide and use walls defensively. So it’s kind of levelled the playing field a touch.

I miss it, but not in a way that makes me mad about it. I could certainly do with that ramp building back, especially when getting around the map. But it’s hardly the end of the world.

Looking at it Fortnite is selling the “no-build” element as part of the new season, n that the invading force has blocked the ability. We as a player-base need to work together in global events to bring it back.

I’m not sure there’s that much appetite for it though……Who knew eh?

Apparently, not everyone is a try-hard sweaty thirteen-year-old in Fortnite.

Battle Pass

New-season = new battle pass. Fortnite delivers again, although I’ll be honest, it’s not really tickling my pickle. The new characters aren’t very exciting, and a level 100 reward of Dr Strange is……strange.

Obviously designed to tie in with the new Dr Strange movie, but he’s not really Spider-man, is he?

It’s fine. I don’t know that I’ll hit level 100 this time around, but if I can collect the bulk of my V-bucks back, I’m happy.

The new battle pass is average at best if I’m honest. But it’s fun to try and keep up with my nephew as he blasts through it and tells me all about what he’s unlocked.

Where will it go?

Being themed on two sides facing off isn’t new to Fortnite. The military invasion, although terribly timed… fun. Driving a tank and using thermal vision can be fun.

Zeppelin’s, NPC guards at encampments and a whole feel of the map being under siege is quite impressive for a free-to-play battle royale!

I suspect that there will be some mid-season events to push for one side, and hopefully, we’ll see some of those cool events that change the shape of the map or remove landmarks entirely.

In some ways, Fortnite is a better Battlefield than Battlefield 2042. It’s certainly more stable and accessible to everyone…..

I’ll update as the season goes on, but it’s nice to have a fresh take on it, and a fresh set of XP to burn through.

Fortnite isn’t the best game in the world, but it’s smoother, more accessible and more fun than a lot of other games out there. Let’s hope Epic Games can

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