Final Fantasy XIV’s Dark Knights pay tribute to Kentaro Miura

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Kentaro Miura, author of bestselling manga Berserk, has sadly passed away at age 54.

Miura was the man behind one of the biggest selling manga of all time – the series has been going since 1989, and has garned anime and game adaptations. The gaming community has launched impromptu tributes in his honour, and Final Fantasy XIV has a very special take on it.

XIV’s Dark Knights wield titanic greatswords, much like Berserk‘s hero, Guts:

As you can see, Dark Knight is basically Berserk‘s world brought to life in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s appropriate, then, that Dark Knight players are currently lining the streets in major cities, standing stoically over campfires, holding vigil for Kentaro Miura. Here’s a screenshot of what Ul’dah on Twintania currently looks like:

Kentaro Miura
I was lucky enough to grab this at a quiet moment – the audience was pretty large at one point.

It’s a hell of a sight to behold. Some players are giving out masses of free campfire items so more Dark Knights can join the line. Bards are hanging around playing music, and the atmosphere is powerful. Even the players who don’t have the slightest clue what’s going on are impressed, and it’s a great example of the game’s community standing together to mark the passing of a legend. There’s a short video below if you want to see just how long that line goes.

This is just one city in one server – the tributes are being paid across the entire game, and that is no small amount of people gathering, in whatever way they can, to show their respect for Miura’s legacy.

Rest in peace, Kentaro Miura. I’m sure those fires will keep burning for a long time yet.

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