A guide to pre-purchasing Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

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XIV’s super-anticipated fourth expansion, Endwalker, was finally given a release date last weekend during the Digital Fan Festival event. It’ll be released on November 23 this year, but keen fans can already head over to the game’s pre-order page and grab their copy now.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is available on a range of platforms – PC via Square directly, PC via Steam, Mac, PS4, PS5. So first you’ll want to make sure you’re purchasing the right platform to avoid disappointment. The pre-order page has useful dropdown menus you can use to make sure you’re picking the right one for you.

Formats aside, there are technically three different editions of Endwalker available for purchase. One of these is the extremely limited physical Collector’s Box, which retailed at £130. It sold out within an hour of pre-orders going live, but I’ve included an image below if you wanna see what you’ve missed out on.

What’s the point in pre-purchasing Endwalker?

November is still a ways off, so you may be wondering if there’s any point in pre-ordering so early. Pre-purchasing will provide you with:

  • Bonus Palum minion
  • Menphilia’s Earrings
  • Early Access to Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

So it’s not a ton of stuff, and the minion isn’t particularly impressive. But the real star of the show here is the accessory. They provide your character with a permanent 30% experience buff between level 1-80, and sync to your level with relevant stats. That is an incredibly useful thing to have – I’ll be making use of it for sure to finally level up a Paladin in time for Endwalker.

Endwalker‘s early access period starts on the 19th of November – so you get a four day head-start on people who don’t pre-purchase. All these bonuses will be provided regardless of the edition purchased, as long as you pre-order the expansion!

If you’re going to purchase Endwalker eventually anyway, the earrings are a decent incentive to do so a little bit early. It’s really down to you.

What’s in the Standard Edition?

The standard edition of Endwalker will give you access to the new expansion at launch. Endwalker is bringing two impressive new jobs – the Sage (healer) and the broody, scythe-wielding Reaper (melee DPS), who’ll definitely be in an angst-off against Gunbreaker at some point.

There’s all the usual fun of new zones, dungeons and raids, and, of course, a level cap raise from 80-90. I’d recommend checking out the expansion’s Steam page for a more comprehensive list of new features.

The Standard Edition is priced at £29.99 on all platforms.

What’s in the Digital Collector’s Edition?

The Digital Collector’s Edition of Endwalker includes the expansion plus a few neat bonus digital items. You’ll receive your pre-purchase bonuses as soon as you buy the game, but these items will be delivered when Endwalker launches in November.

Arion mount: “A new mount designed to complement paladin, the signature job of Endwalker.
Death Scythe: “The Death Scythe from FINAL FANTASY XI makes its appearance in FINAL FANTASY XIV as a reaper-exclusive weapon.
Porom, one of the young twins who joins your party in FINAL FANTASY IV, arrives as a minion you can share new adventures with.

So – shiny horse, cool scythe, another minion I’ll add to my log and never use – pretty standard fare. I’d go as far as to say that the pre-order bonuses themselves (available regardless of edition purchased) are a bit more useful than any of these, but I’ll definitely get a bit of use out of that scythe glamour.

The Digital Collector’s Edition is available for £44.99 – so that’s basically an extra fifteen quid for a mount, a Reaper glamour, and a minion. Is it worth it? That’s up to you.

Have you pre-purchased Endwalker? Which edition did you get? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to check out our other features HERE.

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