Fate/Samurai Remnant: Discover Edo’s streets in the 3rd trailer for KOEI TECMO’s upcoming Action RPG

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Today, KOEI TECMO Europe and Omega Force, in collaboration with TYPE-MOON and Aniplex Inc., unveiled a new trailer for the highly anticipated action RPG, Fate/Samurai Remnant. The intense trailer offers players a glimpse into Edo’s bustling streets and the storyline’s deeper aspects, underscored by the game’s main theme, “Zanya Gensou feat. LICCA / Spiral Ladder”. Fate/Samurai Remnant is currently being developed for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch™, and PC Windows via Steam®, and is slated for release on 29th September 2023.

Fate/Samurai Remnant’s third trailer

The Fate franchise has seen pairs of Masters and heroic spirits, known as Servants, battling across history in a series of Holy Grail Wars, with the victorious pair granted a wish-fulfilling ancient artefact. Fate/Samurai Remnant carries on this epic tradition in Edo Period Japan, where players control young samurai Miyamoto Iori and his Servant, Saber, as they navigate the “Waxing Moon Ritual” and the unfolding battle between seven pairs of Masters and Servants.

As Iori, players will explore Edo town, engaging in various activities such as wandering with different Servants, shopping at the enigmatic “Babyloni-ya” store, or visiting famed Edo locations. Accompanying Saber, who is eager to explore Edo life, Iori can complete numerous side quests to earn money and essential materials, and may also be called upon to mediate disputes.

Edo is segmented into multiple districts, and players can traverse them using the world map, which indicates story progression points for the Waxing Moon Ritual. Saber will also highlight interesting map locations. Some Rogue Servants may propose “Digressions” or sub-quests, and as players progress through these, they will form bonds with Rogue Servants who will then accompany Iori.

Fate/Samurai Remnant kitty cat

Participating in the Ritual requires Iori to prepare for fierce battles against formidable foes, aided by Saber and other Rogue Servants. To optimize their odds, players can upgrade not only Iori’s skill tree but also those of Saber and other Rogue Servants, unlocking various skills and abilities to equip. Besides his skill tree, Iori can use materials with his sword mountings to enhance its capabilities and swap the attached skills.

Players can also strengthen the bond between Master and Servant by exploring Edo and progressing through the story, filling in Saber’s “Memento Ring” and increasing the likelihood of using Link Strikes in battle or unlocking new skills in Saber’s tree. In Fate/Samurai Remnant combat, players must monitor three distinct gauges to overcome even the toughest adversaries: the “Affinity Gauge”, the “Substitution Gauge”, and the “Hidden Sword Gauge”.

The first gauge is needed to execute the potent “Affinity Technique” action and command their Servant to perform a specific attack. This gauge fills up during combat in response to Iori’s attacks, but can also fill up during exploration when players carry out various activities such as interacting with Saber’s points of interest. By consuming the second gauge, the “Substitution Gauge”, players can temporarily and directly control the Servant accompanying Iori. Finally, the last gauge informs players when they can release Iori’s special technique, which changes according to the number of swords used in combat.

Fate/Samurai Remnant gameplay

During Tokyo Game Show 2023, a special live stream will take place on 21st September 2023 from 14:00 BST (22:00 JST). Broadcast on KOEI TECMO Japan’s official YouTube channel, this special live stream will not only provide more information about the game but will also showcase gameplay using characters that have never been played before. Special guests include Kengo Kawanishi (Iori Miyamoto), Hibiku Yamamura (Saber), and Tomoaki Maeno (Zheng Chenggong).

Fate/Samurai Remnant is now available for pre-order in both Standard and Digital Deluxe editions. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes the base game, a digital artbook and soundtrack, the Fate/Samurai Remnant Season Pass that includes three DLC sets**, and the Season Pass Bonus item “Hallowed Relic Sword Mountings”. All players who digitally pre-order the Standard or Deluxe Edition by 28th September 2023 will receive the “Phantasmal Dress ‘Miyamoto Musashi’” digital pre-order bonus.

Additionally, a special TREASURE BOX version of Fate/Samurai Remnant is available for pre-order exclusively through the KOEI TECMO Europe Online Store. The TREASURE BOX includes the stunning Fate/Samurai Remnant material (art book), a B2-sized cloth poster, original soundtrack CD, Command Spell stickers, bonus costume DLC (set of two costumes), the Official Short Story Translation book, and a collectable box.

Fate/Samurai Remnant Treasure Box edition for PS5

To learn more about these special editions, and future offerings, be sure to sign up to the KOEI TECMO Europe Online Store mailing list. For more information on Fate/Samurai Remnant, be sure to visit the official site, Like them on Facebook, Join them on the KOEI TECMO Europe Discord server, and Follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

An English interpretation stream will be available on the official Tokyo Game Show channels. *These DLC items are scheduled to be available after the release of the main game.

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