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Wow! This is the third interview we’ve brought to you in the last week. With this many kick ass articles, you’d be forgiven for thinking it is Christmas (other religious holidays are available to celebrate also).

Today we continue to support small streamers by bringing to you yet another exclusive chat that hopefully introduces an upcoming star that you’ll all fall in love with and begin checking out his streams.  So without further delay, let’s take a look into the soul of the one and only Inked Gamer.

Let’s start with one of those warm-up exercises you get when you’re in a group of people who don’t know each other. Tell us who you are, what you do and give us one fascinating fact about yourself not many people know.

Hello, I’m paddy or Inked, I live stream and record content and I’m probably the most family orientated person not many people know that I love my family and want to give not only myself the best future but them too.

Now we know who you are let’s talk about your streaming, how long have you been doing it for and what was it that initially got you into it?

I’ve been streaming for 3-4 years when I first started I wanted to make an awesome community that was unlike any out there, somewhere that people could hang out, have a laugh and just generally be themselves. I always had a thing for creating content but the fact there was a place that I could create content with a live audience grabbed me and made me fall in love with streaming.

And how would you describe your streams? Are you a competitive gamer with ragey moments, or are you quite laid back and just in it for the laughs?

I think the best way to describe them would be different, I try and be competitive at times and focus on the gameplay but other times I try to entertain, It changes day by day or a game to game basis.

Going back to when you started streaming for a second, did you ever think that you’d have as big a following as you do now?

I didn’t at all, I couldn’t even imagine having amazing people hang out with me daily, that support me on the bad days and laugh with me on the good days.

And how do you see yourself developing over the next year? Do you have plans to try and grow your following?

Absolutely, I believe if you’re to succeed in this industry you have to have goals, you have to plan everything. I would love to say that in a year’s time I will be partnered on twitch, but life is crazy and sometimes plans change haha!

Thinking about the last two questions; looking at where you started from and where you would like to be, how do you think streaming has changed in the past few years?

With the launch of YouTube Gaming streaming has definitely become more competitive, but it’s all part and parcel everyone wants to succeed for their own reasons.

Do you think the increase in popularity of eSports has been a big reason more people have got into streaming?

Absolutely, I mean eSports has changed the world in my opinion, with gamers finally being recognised all around the world.

Now getting back to discussing your streaming; what equipment and software do you use? Is there anything you’d recommend for someone starting out?

Personally always want to improve in quality, I use an XLR microphone with a Behringer XENYX802, a 1080 go pro for my webcam and OBS Studio. When first starting out you need to make sure this is for you, don’t go out and waste massive amounts of money on the top brands because your favourite streamers used them, all you need is a microphone and a game and the world is your oyster haha!

Which games do you mainly play on your streams? Do you have any favourites?

I mean if I have to choose a favourite it has to be FIFA, It’s what I grew up with, It’s what made me, me in many senses. But I’m quite down to play any games.

Were there any games that you played growing up that you’d love the chance to stream today?

The original tomb raider, I spent hours on that game never really playing missions trying to find things out and the mansion and of course trapping the butler in the fridge.

Are there any particular streamers that you enjoy collabing with?

I love playing games solo but you honestly cannot beat playing with friends, I’ve met so many amazing people on both YouTube and Twitch that there’s a lot to name but right now I think there’s a select few – Chrisgemmo, Jay_rossi, valentiiiino, CapraGenus, Iseezombies and I can’t forget Atom12272 but I’m always open to playing with anyone.

And are there any that you personally enjoy watching yourself? If so, what is it you like about them?

I stream or make content pretty much all day but I’ve always got a stream open, I’m a massive lurker.

Finally, one random question to finish off with. If you could design your ideal burger, what would be on it?

Okay, So as a massive burger lover this is easy it would be the bottom bun, the burger with cheese and bacon, in the middle we would have a southern fried chicken piece, with another burger with cheese and bacon, I actually made one once… It was the best!

And that’s your lot. Feel free to try and recreate Inked’s ideal burger and send your photos in so we judge them and see if you deserve to be our new personal chef. That job role will be unpaid but we can allow you to say we’re your ‘friends’ so you become the most popular person you know. Getting back on track though, if you feel like checking out some of Inked’s streams or just stalking him on Twitter, then check out his Streamer Profile below.


Welcome internet! My name is Inked or Paddy. I’m a gamer, entertainer, streamer, content creator – and your new best friend!

I started making content when I was 17 years old and enjoyed it so much, I’ve decided to keep going!

Be sure to follow to keep up to date with either my life, my love of gaming or how many miraculous fails I can put iintoone stream.



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