In 2019, Esports made strides by unveiling new events, such as the Fortnite World Cup, which has become a fan-favourite. Similarly, you witnessed other brilliant esports tournaments, including Dota 2’s The International and the League of Legend World Cup.

These esport events have captured the interest of sports lovers from all over the world. This year will be no different, and you can look forward to more esports action. Although some events have already happened, there are numerous more that are coming up.

With the growth of esports, there has also been a growing market for online betting on esport matches. It can be fun and add a little more excitement to the events, but it is important to remember to be sensible and stop when the fun stops. In fact, most bookmakers now take bets on esports such as where you can enjoy up to £20 No-Deposit Free Bet Offers.

Here is a calendar for the esports events that have already happened, and those that are scheduled to happen soon.

Call of Duty

Call of duty is an esport event which has departed from the usual tournament style. And Call of Duty’s League has, for the first time, been categorized under Modern Warfare this year. Something that is sure to interest even more gamers.

The first events happened in Minnesota between 24-26th January. Twelve teams attended. Every team’s home events and tournament matches were featured.

On, you can predict the outcome of the next event, which will be in Minneapolis from February 8th to 9th, for the London Royal Ravens.

Dota 2

Around the end of summer each year, Dota 2 hosts The International. Dota 2’s concept is similar to that of League of Legends, which explains the game’s popularity.

The International also enjoys superb views too. But what makes The International uniquely unique is its prize pool when compared to the rest of the esports titles. The prize pool is open to crowdfunding each year. That way, you can buy things from their Steam store, and part of these sales are injected into The International’s prize pool.

In past years, the prize pool has even exceeded $30 million. You should, therefore, not be surprised if this mark is surpassed this year.

Two events took place between January 29th and February 2nd. The first one was the Para Bellum Tournament, which was held between January 29th and February 2nd. The other event was a World Electronic Sports Games event for the 2019 Latin American Finals that was held in Rio.

League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) is probably the biggest esport in the world, seeing that it is played all over the globe.

League of Legends has various leagues in dominant regions like Europe, North America, and Korea. This popularity makes LoL a good esport for betting. As there are several matches taking place in different regions of the world at one time during the tournaments. So, you can choose a few and predict their outcomes. When you have the privilege of selecting from many different matches, your odds of correctly predicting the result of a match increases.

Places like Korea still feature the standard games which allow for relegation and promotion. However, in Europe and North America, the matches have already transitioned into a franchise model. Despite these differences, the game uses the same format throughout these regions.

The teams are playing throughout spring till late march, concluding the region finals. Winners from each region will compete in summer, each eyeing to be in the LoL Worlds, the concluding event. The first OPL league event this year happened on January 31st, where Legacy eSport had a 1-0 win against Avant-Garde at the group stage.

These are just some of the esports events that have taken place, and many more are on the way. You should, therefore, look forward to the battle of the champions between the best esport teams in the world currently. And make sure you don’t miss out on our coverage of them by clicking HERE and saving our Esports News page to your favourites.

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