The Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 earbuds: Tailored for the discerning listener

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After a busy summer already picking up numerous accolades at the VGP Summer Awards 2023, Edifier is back in the news with a new product launch. Designed by Edifier, an esteemed name in consumer audio electronics, the Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 True Wireless Earbuds are set to redefine your auditory experience. Whether you’re traversing city streets, sweating it out at the gym, or simply unwinding at home, these earbuds promise to deliver crisp sound while minimising background distractions.

For the on-the-move music aficionado

With their sleek construction and robust feature set, these earbuds cater to the needs of even the most demanding music lovers. Active noise cancellation (ANC) ensures that unwanted ambient sounds won’t intrude on your listening experience. Two distinct ANC levels and multiple modes mean that whether you’re in a bustling cafe or a tranquil park, you can tailor your listening experience to match.

Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 case closed

TWS1 Pro 2 features tailored for convenience

  • Extended Battery Life: Enjoy up to 4 hours of non-stop tunes with ANC activated, and an additional 12 hours from the charging case, totalling a remarkable 16 hours.
  • Crystal-Clear Calls: The built-in microphone guarantees impeccable call clarity.
  • Intuitive Wear Detection: Your music will intuitively pause when you remove an earbud, resuming once it’s back in place.
  • Gaming Perfected: With an ultra-low latency connection, gaming becomes a seamless experience.
  • Customisation at your Fingertips: The Edifier Connect App enables control customisation and EQ selection spanning Classic, POP, Classical, and Rock.
  • Durability and Design: Being dust and splashproof (IP54 certified), they’re ideal for those with an active lifestyle.
Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 earbuds above case

Superior sound quality

Leveraging titanised composite diaphragms, the Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 delivers nuanced, CD-level sound. Expect deep bass, limpid mid-tones, and sparkling highs. AI-driven noise cancellation for calls identifies and nullifies environmental interferences, ensuring your conversations are as clear as your playlists.

User-focused design

From intuitive touch controls to a snug fit courtesy of four distinct ear cup sizes, these earbuds are ergonomically designed for maximum user comfort. And with a battery life extending up to 24 hours and rapid charging capabilities, they’re perfect for extended use.

Grab yours today

Priced at just £49.99, the Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 is available for purchase here. Get ready to revolutionise your audio experience today!

Edifier TWS1 Pro 2 earbuds

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