Savant – Ascent REMIX: D-Pad Studio unveils September 15th release

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Today, D-Pad Studio, renowned for its iconic Owlboy, reveal its latest venture—a transformation of its inaugural title. Originally intended as the Savant – Ascent Anniversary Edition, the game has now evolved and been rebranded as Savant – Ascent REMIX. This title will make its grand entrance on platforms including PC on Steam, GOG, and Epic on September 15th. Releases on PlayStation, Switch, iOS, and Android will follow suit.

Savant – Ascent REMIX: More than a remaster

Savant – Ascent REMIX elevates the shoot-em-up platformer genre, expanding it significantly over its predecessor. Players will journey through five stages—up from the original’s two. Each stage brings its unique challenges, from battling Laser Sharks to confronting robotic space invaders and the formidable immortal Samurai.

Savant - Ascent REMIX gameplay

To navigate these thrilling adventures, players have new abilities at their disposal: a double jump, cancel-jump, and mid-air power shots. Additionally, the game introduces an endless Survival Mode, varying difficulty levels, including a nostalgic NES-style, no checkpoints Hardcore Mode. Musically, 22 new tracks crafted by the revered Norwegian musician, Savant, will accompany the player. This complete soundtrack will also be available for purchase on Steam.

Embark on a musical quest

In this dynamic gameplay, players embrace the role of the Alchemist. After being banished from his tower by an unseen adversary, the quest is to ascend once again. Navigating the game requires moving between two platforms, which could range from moving elevators to floating space debris. Using swift volleys of magical missiles, players must tackle enemies, and with strategic dashes and jumps, they aim to conquer the treacherous ascent back to the peak.

Savant - Ascent REMIX boss battle

The true essence of this game is its melding of gameplay with musical artistry. Rooted in the universe of Savant, this collaboration with Simon S. Andersen from D-Pad Studio offers a unique opportunity to experience the musical persona in a gaming dimension. As players progress, they unlock parts of the soundtrack and remixes, even getting the chance to personalise their own playlist.

Reflecting on this ambitious project, Jo-Remi Madsen from D-Pad Studio remarked, “We got a bit carried away with Savant – Ascent REMIX.” He continued, “Our original goal was to release a little remaster to celebrate the release of our debut title a decade ago. However, Savant – Ascent REMIX has now expanded into something way bigger than that – it’s essentially a brand new game in the Savant universe!”

Savant – Ascent REMIX release date announcement trailer

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