Edifier triumphs at VGP Summer Awards 2023: Six awards celebrate audio excellence

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The globally recognised audio brand, Edifier, is once again proving its leadership in high-quality audio products. Celebrated for its continued dedication to innovative audio solutions, Edifier was honoured with six awards at the distinguished Visual Grand Prix (VGP) Summer Awards 2023 in Japan.

Known as the “Oscar in the Audio Industry”, the Japanese VGP Summer Awards are the largest and most respected audio-visual accolades across Asia, providing a trusted consumer guide for informed purchasing decisions. This annual event is hosted by Ongen Publishing Co. Ltd., a premier publishing company renowned for its expertise in state-of-the-art audio-visual devices. Since 1987, the awards have stood as a significant endorsement for industry leaders like Edifier, attesting to their revolutionary contributions to the sector.

“We are once again extremely honoured to have won six awards in the 2023 VGP Summer Awards,” said Stanley Wen, Edifier’s Chief Technical Officer. “These awards are a testament to our ongoing commitment to delivering outstanding sound experiences that blend superior audio quality with affordability.”

Which products were successful at the VGP Summer Awards 2023?

Sweeping the event, Edifier’s QD35, MR4, WH950NB, and W820NB Plus products secured the highest honour of a VGP 2023 Summer Gold Award. Simultaneously, the G5000 and G5BT CAT were celebrated in the VGP 2023 Summer Award Winner category.

Edifier QD35 speaker top view _ Gold Award winner at the VGP Summer Awards 2023

Both the QD35, an all-in-one music system, and the MR4 Powered Studio Monitor, prized for delivering pure, accurate sound, were among the Gold award winners. Also joining them were the WH950NB wireless noise-cancelling over-ear headphones, featuring intelligent active noise cancellation, and the W820NB Plus, boasting up to 49 hours of non-stop playtime.

Meanwhile, the 2023 Summer Award recognised the G5000 gaming speakers and G5BT CAT Hi-Res certified gaming headset. Their state-of-the-art acoustic configuration provides gamers with a truly immersive audio experience.

G5BT Hi-Res certified gaming headset recognized in the 2023 SUMMER award category

As Edifier continues to grow and develop its product ranges, the VGP Summer Awards highlight the brand’s remarkable ability to push the boundaries of audio technology and design. With registered international trademarks in more than 80 countries and regions, the company is set to maintain its strong foothold as a global leader in the audio-visual industry.

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