Speed Crew review: Fast-paced and furiously annoying

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Developed by Wild Fields and available for the Nintendo Switch, Speed Crew takes a page from the Overcooked series, swapping bustling kitchens for the adrenaline-fueled intensity of a racetrack pit stop. In this high-speed, high-stakes environment, players must work together to replace wheels, hammer out dents, and refuel race cars in record time.

We were lucky enough to get a code to review the game and were more than willing to get our digital hands mucky pitching in with whatever needed to be done to get our crew through the race and across that finish line. So, let’s break things down and take a look at how we got on.

Speed Crew gameplay repairing a car on the race track

Gameplay and challenges

Imagine Overcooked, but on a racetrack, and you’ve got the essence of Speed Crew. The game thrives on a similar fast-paced, somewhat chaotic gameplay style that tasks players with maintaining and repairing racing vehicles under immense time pressure. You’ll be scrambling to perform a variety of tasks, such as replacing wheels, knocking out dents, and refuelling cars—all in the name of keeping your racing team on track.

One aspect that detracts from the realism is the lack of individual crews for each race team. While it shows you competing against other race car teams, you seem to be servicing every car that shows up, and not just that of your own team. It’s unusual for the same crew to service multiple competing teams, but this deviation from reality does lend an interesting twist to the gameplay.

Speed Crew gameplay on Nintendo Switch

As with any good game, challenges abound. Manhole covers spontaneously shooting skyward can block access to vehicles, creating a frustrating pause in gameplay if you play co-op and both get caught on the same side of the track. Unless, of course, you’re quick enough when playing multiplayer and you stay on separate sides and pass tools across workbenches to keep the action flowing.

However, you don’t get that luxury on single-player, and being cut off really affects your scores, and makes it less enjoyable to play. At least when playing Overcooked solo, a game this takes influence from, you still get two characters that you can switch between to allow you to keep on top of your tasks. This would’ve been a nice addition to see, but sadly the game lacks any such feature.

Influences, theme and graphics

Undoubtedly, there’s an unmistakable whiff of the Fast & Furious film series about Speed Crew. From characters that seem to have leapt straight off the silver screen to the high-stakes, fast-paced world of competitive racing, the game takes evident inspiration from the iconic movie franchise. This pop culture connection is a fun and clever nod that boosts the game’s appeal, particularly for fans of the films.

Adding to the game’s visual appeal, Speed Crew employs a lively, cartoon-style aesthetic that injects a sense of whimsy into the high-pressure pit lane environment. The colourful and vibrant graphics are a delight to behold, making the world of Speed Crew a joy to inhabit.

It’s clear that Speed Crew isn’t aiming for photorealistic graphics, instead opting for a playful and fun aesthetic that aligns well with its frenetic and engaging gameplay. It’s a testament to the game’s design that it can create a fantastical world that’s so visually appealing and enjoyable to navigate.

Speed Crew gameplay repairing a car

As already mentioned, Speed Crew also draws inspiration from Overcooked, although it has unique elements that offer a fresh take on this style of gameplay. The concept of maintaining and repairing vehicles adds a new dimension of complexity to the game, and the variety of levels keeps players on their toes.

However, despite these novel elements, Overcooked remains a more enjoyable experience due to its well-balanced and tightly designed mechanics. While Speed Crew brings a new theme and environment to the table, it doesn’t quite capture the same magic.

Overall thoughts of Speed Crew on the Nintendo Switch

In conclusion, Speed Crew provides an entertaining and hectic gaming experience, and the racetrack setting offers an enjoyable departure from the kitchen chaos of Overcooked. However, some gameplay elements may frustrate, and the lack of realism might not sit well with more discerning racing fans. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a new challenge in the mould of Overcooked, but with a fresh setting and theme, Speed Crew could be a good choice.

Speed Crew is developed and published by Wild Fields, and is available to play now on the Nintendo Switch. You can find it in the eShop currently priced at £16.75. For more game reviews like this, click right here.

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