Get your Wrenches Ready for Diesel-Punk Adventure The Last Shot

by MaddOx
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Indie game publisher Crytivo is proud to announce that the demo for The Last Shot will be released during the Steam Festival, June 16th. 

The Last Shot is a diesel-punk adventure game featuring hand drawn art that sets the tone for the epic adventure of a simple mechanic. Use your wits to solve problems, platform, and save your town from imminent destruction.

The Last Shot Key Features:

  • A Diesel-Punk World. Immerse yourself in this war-torn dystopia through the hand-drawn and World War II aesthetic.
  • Solve Environmental Puzzles. Repair or destroy the world around you all while avoiding the hazards of everyday life
  • Run and Jump Your Way to Adventure. Your city was just attacked and it’s your job to repair the damage. One day you’ll get revenge, don’t you worry.
The Last Shot gameplay

Game Fact Sheet

  • Developer – Rumata Lab
  • Publisher – Crytivo
  • Release: Early 2021 
  • Platforms: PC | Switch | PlayStation | Xbox 
  • Price: TBA
  • Steam PageLink

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