Disaster Strikes Destiny 2: The Final Shape Leaks Early!

by Ben Kirby
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Guardians, brace yourselves. A massive leak has struck Destiny 2, spoiling key details about the upcoming “The Final Shape” expansion just days before its official launch next Tuesday.

The culprit? Apparently, an issue with Sony’s PS5 streaming service briefly made the DLC available. While Bungie quickly shut it down, the damage was already done. Players were able to access the campaign and, more importantly, the expansion’s collections system, which houses a treasure trove of story spoilers.

Leaks Run Rampant

The internet is now a minefield for Destiny 2 fans. Expect spoilers to pop up anywhere – forum threads, stream chats, even in-game messages. This not only ruins the narrative surprise for those who want to experience it blind, but also throws a wrench into the highly anticipated raid race. With raid mechanics leaked as well, those who haven’t seen the spoilers will be at a significant disadvantage.

Community Steps Up To Help The Final Shape

Despite the chaos, the Destiny 2 community is banding together to minimize the leak’s impact. But the reality is, a complete digital blackout until next Tuesday might be the only way to stay truly spoiler-free.

Image of characters from destiny 2 The Final Shape

A Call to Action

This leak is a serious blow to Bungie and the fans. We need answers: How did this happen? How can it be prevented in the future? Unfortunately, for The Final Shape, the damage is irreversible.

This serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of online leaks. Let’s hope Sony addresses this PS5 streaming issue to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

Stay safe out there, Guardians. The fight for the Light might be a little less surprising now, but it’s far from over.

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