Desperados III Adds Bounty Mode and “Level Editor Light” In Free Update

by Chris Camilleri
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Desperados III gets another free update – the Bounty Mode is now part of the game and lets you choose, which of the five Desperados you want to play in almost every major mission.* Either you make it easier for yourself or spice the mission up a bit – or you try to finish the game with Hector all over the place!
* similar to the Baron’s Challenges, this mode will unlock during the second chapter

Also, the newly activated “Level Editing Cheats” allow you to create your own mission setups and share the savegames with all other Desperados III players. Basically, it’s a level editor light. By using the cheat codes, players can easily clean a map and then spawn all types of enemies in any location on the map and have fun by placing different objects throughout the level. You want to use 20 dynamite crates and 10 Gatling guns in Flagstone for maximum chaos? You got it! Get creative and share your own mission setups as savegame files with other players!

More info and a video tutorial explaining the tool in detail can be found here:…
Direct link to the tutorial videos:…

Watch the Trailer:

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