In Death: Unchained FREE DLC “Siege of Heaven”

by Chris Camilleri
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Oculus Quest’s highest-rated archery game “In Death: Unchained” has just gotten its first DLC in form of a free update titled “Siege of Heaven”. 

The update brings a completely new mode – a gate defense mode focused on skillful shooting, and comes with 3 new maps, 50+ new achievements and new leaderboards. 


“Siege of Heaven” brings new and different challenges for the fans of the game’s shooting mechanics, and balances the main loop’s long session lengths with the mode’s shorter 15 minute playthrough times, with an opportunity to storm the new leaderboards that reward new skills.

The new mode has also been made to be welcoming to a wider audience – new and casual players can enjoy some of the best archery in VR at their own pace, away from enemies and without the additional challenges of movement and 360 degree combat. Set in beautiful floating worlds, the mode can be used to get familiar with the bow and arrow mechanics in a safe environment.

We know the main game can be seen as scary and hard. With this new mode we focused on what everyone loves – the shooting among the beautiful floating worlds. Existing players will get challenged, but everyone can now hand the headset to your friends and family so they can enjoy it too. We’re hoping to make Unchained a must-have Quest title – whether you’re a serious player or a casual enthusiast looking to try some of the best their headset can do” says Superbright’s CEO Wojtek Podgórski.

While the new mode makes In Death: Unchained more inclusive, the developer Superbright sees the update challenging the existing players in new ways:

We’ve combined Unchained’s archery mechanics you know and love with new challenges that require new tactics and skills. It’s basically a new game-within-a-game, with its own depth, we see it as a celebration of skillful shooting, and we’re rewarding players for all sorts of impressive performances.

The update is live and players can get the DLC now by updating their game in their headsets.

The game can be found on the Oculus Store:

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