Could there be more to the Xtream Codes crackdown?

by MaddOx
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I’m sure most of you by now will have seen the news yesterday, announcing that IPTV seller system Xtream Codes IPTV was seized by Italian authorities. But could there be more to this story than is being let on by the Italians and reported in the media? It seems so.

So just to recap, Italian authorities yesterday announced they had seized control of Xtream Codes IPTV. A system used by IPTV providers to store their streams on as well as their customer bases. Whilst it’s not known how much data authorities have they have managed to get details of managers within the company and are understood to have begun questioning them. The authorities announced they believe they have disrupted around 700,000 subscriptions, but following recent reports from Xtream themselves, they reported that they have about 5,000 subscribers with 50,000,000 end users, meaning it could have a bigger impact than the authorities believed.

But, was it all down to them? Did their constant monitoring and investigations have a part to play? Probably at times yes, but rumours suggest that Xtream Codes IPTV may well have been the cause of their own downfall. It is reported the reason for the collapse and the ability for Italian authorities to seize the system was all due to a costly mistake made by Xtream’s own staff that corrupted the system.

This is just a rumour however and sources haven’t confirmed this yet, and it’s unlikely they ever will. Why? Well, because anyone associated with Xtream will distance themselves from the system so as not to get dragged into legal procedings, and Italian authorities will want the credit, and they know its highly unlikely anyone is going to come out saying otherwise.

What are your thoughts though? Do you think it was all the work of the authorities or did Xtream bring themselves down? The only thing for sure is this probably won’t be the last we hear of this current case around Xtream Codes, and most definitely won’t be the last we see of IPTV as providers look to other services to keep their operations running.

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