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With 2021 coming to a close, have you managed to explore enough online poker sites yet? In this article, we’ve listed some of the best online poker sites for you to try before the year ends. This article was made based on in-depth reviews. At the same time, we will also be providing you with some of the best sign-up bonuses that you can get. Because you don’t want to be making some common mistakes many online casino users do.

Choosing which online site to pick can be daunting, especially when it seems to have an endless variety to pick from. This dilemma may be especially pertinent if you’re a beginner and have insufficient experience with poker sites to choose a suitable one to play. Regardless of what’s trending, the rule of thumb is to stick with a website that is best suited to your needs.

There are little things that can capture your attention and make you feel comfortable using the site. For example, something as small as the software design and layout, or the choice of avatars you can use during your games. Things like this can affect your overall gaming experience significantly. You should also choose sites that have tournaments that happen on timings that are convenient to you. Also, it could be a good idea to play on more than one online poker site and play free online poker. It would be a good idea also to test out a few poker sites before settling on one.

Deciding On A Site

When it comes to poker, there is no need for you to continually seek out better players to have fun. In most cases, people who play poker would much rather play with those around their level or lesser-experienced players –– as they stand a higher chance to earn more money. Once you find the right poker game with the appropriate amount of wildcards, there is a high chance that you will be able to bag home a bunch of cash once you begin playing.

If you are keen on bigger poker sites, you may want to try out 888Poker, PokerStars, or Partypoker –– these sites have lots of cash games and tournaments that we’re sure will appeal to you. Alternatively, if you prefer finding smaller poker rooms situated around a close-knit community, such as Tiger Gaming Poker, you might find easier and slower games. In our opinion, global is a popular poker site that offers a good balance between fast-paced tournaments and slower games.

Not every online poker website has thousands of players online day in and day out –– playing on a slower, easier site brings in some key advantages too. Several well-known poker rooms can contain notoriously bad poker players that may put you off, and make you want to pivot to smaller poker websites instead. Alternatively, smaller poker websites often offer better poker bonuses or attractive loyalty rewards that let you play with more hands. It’s also worth noting that specific game rooms specialize in particular games. For example, Short Deck Hold’em allows for new poker variations, whilst PokerStars is known as the leading poker tournament room.

Online Poker Software

Finding the best poker software is important as it can have a huge impact on the overall user experience. Software problems are common for any poker site –– such as experiencing lags, bugs, glitches –– that can be vastly unappealing to any user. However, there’s no reason for you to blindly suffer sluggish and bloated software when you can experience websites that are lightning-fast and lightweight. 

However, not all online poker software is suited for all players –– some are better for online tournaments, whilst others are ideal for running cash games. For example, if you’re looking for specific features such as staking and rabbit hunting, you might want to check out GGNetwork sites, such as GGPoker and Natural8. 

Additionally, you might also want to take note of the compatibility between your device and the website, as not all sites can run on Apple devices. 

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Poker Traffic

Ensuring that your site has the appropriate player traffic is important. Some sites run around the clock, and there are somewhere you may have to wait an hour before playing with an opponent. You want to find an opponent to play against quickly, so choosing a website with higher player traffic would be more beneficial for you. 

Do remember that the timings at which certain online poker sites hit peak timings can differ. Whilst some sites follow European hours, others may go accordingly to North American or Asian hours. Furthermore, certain sites may receive traffic through micro and small stakes, whilst others may receive them in high-stakes volumes. 

Aside from that, keep in account that different sites may offer cash tournaments, whilst others focus on cash games. This variability in games means that certain sites may be more popular and have higher traffic than others. Hence, even if less-popular sites have lucrative promotions and offers, there may not be enough player traffic for the games to run smoothly. 

Bonuses And Promotions

With the increasing saturation of poker sites, many online poker websites have taken to hosting free tournaments and offering bonuses after each deposit. No one can say no to free things, so giving out free plays is a surefire way to build up a bankroll. We encourage you to look through each poker site and take note of their various promotions and bonuses –– then, choose the one that has the best offers suited for you. One of the most popular promotions is the deposit match, where each site will map your rewards to whatever you deposit, provided you have played enough poker hands on the site. Some deposit matches can go up to 200%, which amounts to $2,000 worth in cash. 

However, not all large online poker websites have the best poker offerings –– in fact, many of the best deals are found on smaller sites, which turn to more aggressive forms of marketing to attract players. It’s not uncommon to find poker players who use these sites to find the best poker promotions, which they use to build up their bankrolls. 

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Game Selection

Not all online poker websites offer the same selection of games –– some sites, like Pokerstars, are known to offer even the most obscure games such as Razz, Badugi, Five-Card Draw, and 2-7 Lowball. However, most sites would offer staple poker games, such as Pot-Limit Omaha and No-Limit Texas Hold’em.

If you’re a die-hard Hold’em fan, we strongly recommend you to try variants such as Seven-Card Stud and Shortdeck. These games use similar playing styles but aren’t as popular as Hold’em yet –– which allows you to get an edge in these games. Furthermore, these also pose a welcome change of pace to the standard online poker games, which can help spice up your gameplay. 


It’s a common rule of thumb to never play on a website that you can’t trust. Before settling on a site, have a look through their security and safety regulations, and layout their pros and cons. Furthermore, it’s good practice to communicate frequently with these sites to have an understanding of what goes behind the scenes. 

Another component of equal importance is ensuring that the website has robust customer support options, in case things go astray. Although most online poker sites now have an instant chat option feature on their website, it’s good to ensure that the responses provided are of substance and help answer your questions.

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