Why is esports so popular today?

by MaddOx

Today esports is actively gaining popularity among young people, especially among those located in highly developed countries such as the USA, UK, France, etc. Until recently, the most popular sports hobbies were considered football, hockey, and basketball

Today they have a serious rival in esports. It already has millions of fans around the world and it is sponsored by world-famous brands. There are several reasons why forms of online gaming such as esports and platforms such as the fancy reels casino are so fascinating to the younger generation.

What are esports?

Esports are competitions based on video games. There is a long history of competitive video gaming, but it really began to develop in the early 2000s when video games began to introduce competitions between players.

Depending on the game, players can compete in solo tournaments or as part of a team. Team games often have players who fulfil specific roles just like in traditional sports.

The most popular esports titles are:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Rocket League
  • StarCraft
League of Legends eSports with G2 Esports playing competitively on stage

Why young people are interested in esports

Esports allow for tournaments and competitions between players from many different countries. There are no sanctions, restrictions or conventional boundaries on the internet. Although with recent events, some tournaments have banned teams from Russia from competing. But outside of that, all players are equal and subject to the same rules and requirements.

It is believed that a contributing factor to esports rapid popularity was the fact that the current generation grew up playing video games such as World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike and DOTA 2. Some of which went on to become the leading disciplines for international esports tournaments and competitions.

Players who have played these games in the past for fun have gone on to develop and hone their skills to be able to compete competitively. And anyone can register to get involved in the competitive scene, much like how anyone can become a member of milky wins casino. Everyone is given the opportunity here to realise their ambitions and dreams.

In esports, it does not matter the state of health, physical fitness level and individual capabilities. Although professional teams do insist on players taking care of themself physically and mentally as they believe it helps them to perform better. It should be noted though that not every excellent player can become a champion, because it’s a very competitive scene.

The rise in popularity is also due to the pandemic and the worldwide quarantine. It was during this period that a huge number of young people from all over the world became interested in esports with traditional sports postponed. Esports has become so popular and in demand that there is even talk of including it in the Olympics.

A few key factors that explain its enormous popularity

  • Spectacular viewing

Plots of modern computer games are created with the help of modern digital technology. They are filled with bright colours and special effects. Because of this, each esports tournament is a whole show, which carries viewers away in a world of virtual reality and generates a lot of emotion.

  • Huge winnings

Providers of computer games are already attracting the attention of sponsors who are ready to invest a lot of money into esports. Thus, prospective successful gamers can earn a lot of money, combining earnings with their favourite hobby.

Absolutely everyone, without exception, can register at the leading gaming sites and take part in tournaments. The main limiting criterion for some gaming sites – players must be of legal age.

  • There are no gender divisions

No other sport in the world has both men and women on the same team. In esports, it is possible. Here, players compete on an equal footing, regardless of gender. However, there is considered a gender pay gap with women in esports earning less. But this can be because they do not compete at the top levels as much as their male counterparts.

Esports Stage for DoTA 2 Pro Series Melbourne

Closing thoughts

Today, gaming tournaments are so massively popular that fans gather in halls in their thousands. They are characterised by a huge spectacle and an incredible atmosphere of excitement. According to preliminary calculations, the audience of esports tournaments already reaches about 300,000 million people globally.

Esports have managed to cover literally the entire world in just a few years. According to the available forecasts, in the next few years, its popularity will only grow further. It is planned that not only the popularity of the tournaments themselves but also the demand among people of older age categories will grow. Not only will the teams consist of players of different genders and from different parts of the world, but also of different ages.

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