Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Scenario Now Available

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Bohemia Interactive today released the Arma 3 Apex: Old Man open-world single-player scenario for their popular military simulation sandbox game, Arma 3. This bonus scenario is free for everyone who owns the Arma 3 Apex expansion. A newly deployed trailer provides a brief impression of Old Man‘s plot and setting.

In support of this release, the Arma 3 base game and all Arma 3 downloadable content packs (DLC) are on sale from today until April 21 (10:00 PST/18:00 CEST) on both Steam and the Bohemia Store, with discounts of up to 70%. The Arma 3 Apex Edition, which includes the Arma 3, Arma 3 Apex, and three extra DLC packs, provides an additional 15% bundle discount.

In Arma 3 Apex: Old Man, the player assumes the role of a retired Legionnaire living on the South Pacific island of Tanoa. When a new strain of malaria causes yet another humanitarian crisis, and local authorities fail to distribute an effective vaccine to the civilian population, “Old Man” is tipped off about a possible plot. Together with a former military contact, he attempts to avert a catastrophic power play in the region.

The new scenario drops the player into Tanoa’s 100 square kilometers tropical terrain with just a few instructions. It’s up to the player to find their way around, gather intel, obtain weapons and equipment, and decide on the best tactics to accomplish objectives. While the scenario aims to offer an authentic experience, the player does have access to a few convenience features, such as the option to wait and skip time, and the ability to fast travel between known safe houses.

Arma 3 Apex: Old Man provides more than 10 hours of playtime. It is released together with a free platform update for all Arma 3 users. This update adds new static machine gun variants and several other assets to the game and implements various fixes and improvements. The full change-log for update 1.98 can be found on the Arma 3 website.

Old Man from Arma 3 Apex

Key features of Arma 3 Apex: Old Man

Shared Armaverse

  • After the events of the Arma 3 “The East Wind” and “Apex Protocol” campaigns, the South Pacific island nation of Tanoa is hit by yet another humanitarian crisis; a malaria outbreak. When authorities fail to distribute an effective vaccine, a local veteran is tipped off about a possible plot and sets out to uncover the truth.

Open World

  • Return to the jewel of the Horizon Islands and discover her many hidden secrets. Travel by land, sea, or even air – and stay in one of the many shelters to save your progress. Populated by CSAT soldiers, Gendarmerie officers, local insurgents, civilians, and aid workers, Tanoa draws you right into her long history of conflict and turmoil.

Sandbox Gameplay

  • “Old Man” presents you with a varied set of objectives, but how you accomplish these is completely up to you. Get creative and make good use of Arma 3’s diverse selection of weapons and explosives. Just remember; all missions are a matter of life and death – so consider your tactics, prepare your load-out, and always have an exit strategy ready.

Additional Content

  • The Old Man scenario comes with new static M2 .50 caliber machine gun variants, and adds new assets for community content creators to use, such as a Tanoa CSAT reskin of the Zamak truck, a red beret, malaria-infected civilian characters, and various decals and inventory items.

The beta version of the Arma 3 Apex: Old Man scenario was originally released in December last year via the Arma 3 Steam Workshop. Those who helped play-test the beta version are recommended to unsubscribe from the Steam Workshop item and restart the scenario to avoid compatibility issues.

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