On April 15, the second massive update for Encased, an Early Access isometric RPG, will be released. The game will get day and night cycle, new locations, additional quests, characters and a mysterious companion with the fox mask. The updated combat system will become more spectacular thanks to redesigned balance and new weapons. Variability of the playthroughs will increase thanks to new dialogue choices, an expanded skill system and additional encounters.

Encased Content update includes:

  • Redesigned locations
  • New monsters
  • New random encounters
  • New items and weapons
  • Improved variability
  • Reworked combat system
  • New abilities and skills
  • Mines and grenades
  • New companion
  • and a lot more smaller changes and fixes.

Developers have significantly redesigned locations. Now they have not only a new visual design, but also new characters with additional quests, items, riddles and puzzles. Players can expect new random encounters, combat skirmishes against raiders and treasure hunts.

The second Encased content patch will bring day and night cycle. Not only the lighting of locations but also the behaviour of some characters and available quests will depend on the time of day. Wastelands filled with the sun can now sink into darkness, and Slums at night seem even more frightening.

New companion, the Fox, can’t wait to meet players. It’s a female raider with split personality. The hero will have to face her in the arena, and if he wins, the Fox will join the party.

In addition, developers have significantly redesigned the combat system. They not only fixed the balance but also added new abilities, combat effects and perks. New weapons also appeared: mines, grenades and a cryolaser. New weapon abilities have also been added.

Encased RPG gameplay

Isometric RPG Encased set in a post-apocalyptic and sci-fi world was released in Early Access in September 2019 and received very positive feedback from players on Steam. At the start of Early Access, developers shared a roadmap for the project. In December 2019 the first content patch was released. It included a new prologue and an opportunity to recruit a companion on your journey.

Dark Crystal Games studio has been working on the game for about two years. During this time the game had a successful Kickstarter campaign and won prizes at international contests. The final release of the project is scheduled for the end of 2020.

The game story takes place in the desert, isolated from the world by a giant dome of mysterious origin. Under it are the ruins of ancient technologically advanced civilization: underground complexes with artefacts, traps and anomalies. Encased is the open-world game with free exploration between separate locations. Each of them was created by developers manually and is full of mysteries and random.

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