ARK: Survival Evolved Aberration DLC review

by Chris Camilleri
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Survival titles are mostly a risky bet in today’s gaming scene, with fast-paced, streamable titles like your PUBG or Fortnite being the preferred option for the best turnover. A survival game with great basics will, however, attract fans of the genre either way and with the scarcity of nowadays, if your game plays well, it will sell well. That is the case with ARK: Survival Evolved, a title which cropped up into early access slowly but has now made a name for itself as quite a game in the genre.

After quite a long time in early access, ARK: Survival Evolved, the smash hit dinosaur-infested “do everything yourself” survival title has hit the shelves on PS4 and Xbox apart from the existing PC version. Receiving mostly positive reviews, the title was quite a revelation in the genre, breathing fresh life into a relatively stagnating build-everything gaming sector. In ARK, you wake up stranded on an island with everything to construct yourself. You will soon learn to get the most basic resources from the get-go and start creating more and more complex tools to aid your survival. Be always wary of the plethora of prehistoric predators lurking around the map, and as you stay out of their sights you will learn to distinguish which are the ones you really need to be away from and the others which you can hunt or stroll near without danger.

The latest update from Wildcard games brought over the Aberration DLC, a brand new ARK – an underground biome with an incredible amount of content ranging from new gear and items to craft to beasts wanting to rip you apart.  Aberration brings along a lot of very interesting features and creatures, and some serious exploring is needed to uncover all of these. One of these new features is that a Reaper Queen, one of the new deadly introductions to ARK, can impregnate … you. If this does happen, congratulations! You can now spawn a reaper which can be tamed and be your own personal pet. That’s what happens when you treat pets like family..

With a great introduction of new content, this DLC adds a lot of good content to the game. While heavily recommending owners of ARK to purchase the DLC, I doubt Aberration by itself will introduce a wave of new players into the game, as this is still the same game as before with more ARK to do. It is a definitely positive injection into the game. Maybe with a couple more new additions providing totally different environments, such as the Scorching Earth before, will do the trick. In the meantime, check out the trailer below for mouth-drooling ARK goodness, then tell me you don’t want this. I dare you.


Aberration is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and it comes free if you are a Season Pass holder. Otherwise, Aberration will set you back some €20.

The TL;DR: 

  • Great addition to an already solid game, inserting hours of new content into a still-lively game
  • New beasts and craft items will provide a solid base of gameplay



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