Arise: A Simple Story Celebrates Critical Acclaim

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Techland Publishing is thrilled to reveal a  new trailer for Piccolo Studio’s debut title Arise: A Simple Story, celebrating the beautiful and deeply moving adventure that explores what happens in the afterlife.

Following its launch in December 2019, Arise: A Simple Story has been praised by critics and players for its masterful and heartfelt narrative, mesmerising artistry and soulful soundtrack composed by BAFTA Award-winning composer David García, and is a D.I.C.E Awards 2020 finalist for Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition.

Arise: A Simple Story Trailer:

Alexis Corominas, one of the founders of Piccolo explains:

Arise has been our passion project for years now, and our team has poured our heart and soul into crafting a deeply meaningful and emotional game that resonates with its players as much as it does with us. After reading and hearing the moving reactions of so many Arise players worldwide, we’re incredibly elated—and thankful—to say that we’ve achieved that goal and so much more. Thank you for helping us show that sometimes, the most powerful stories are the simplest.

Arise is a magical and emotional tale of an old man’s life, where players journey through symbolic landscapes of his memories, interwoven with love and loss, as he makes his way through the afterlife. Featuring an artistically enchanting and beautiful environments and an emotional soundtrack, each chapter represents a pivotal moment from the old man’s past and takes players on an impassioned rollercoaster of empowering highs and visceral lows. The game features an innovative traversal mechanic that allows players to manipulate time in single player or light cooperative play to overcome many obstacles along the way.

Arise currently holds an 81 top critic average score on Open Critic, with 85% of critics recommending the game, as well as a 5-star rating on PlayStation 4 and 4.2-star rating on Xbox One. 

Arise is now available as a digital download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store for 20% off for a limited time. This title has an PEGI rating of “7”.

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