5 ways you can boost your Internet Speed for better connectivity

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We all want fast-speed internet that gives us the liberty of enjoying a seamless internet experience. Going for the best offers and opting for the fastest plan is one option. However, what if we tell you that there are ways that you can push your internet speed higher than usual? Sounds exciting, right? It probably sounds as tempting as taking a professional test taker test for you. It seems like something unrealistic. Then let’s get started on it:

Switching/ Choosing a Reliable ISP

One of the primary reasons why your internet speed is slow as a turtle is because you’re probably getting your internet from an irresponsible ISP. Even though your ISP may claim to offer reliable services, it’s as good as you can experience.

Several well-reputed Internet service providers such as Spectrum Internet, etc. take good care of their customers by offering them outstanding connectivity. While entertaining the clients, such an ISP ensures seamlessness in connection, low latency, and competitive backup services.

But if your luck has run out, you’d probably be sticking with the one that doesn’t offer such perks. The reason is the high number of customers and poor infrastructure and management. As a result, the ISP isn’t able to manage the load; hence, the customers face connectivity issues.

Note: you can check out online for what services a said ISP is offering as well as connect with customers that are already availing of their services. This will give you an idea of how the organization is working in the market and you’ll be able to get optimal solutions.

Using an Ad Blocker

Although that should be the last fix, we still recommended changing your ISP since a poor root is the cause of the entire problem. Moving on to the next fix is blocking ads. Your data expense is everything that occurs when you come online.

From opening photos on the internet to clicking on anything, data is spent and you should be wary of how is it spent. In some cases, your ISP may keep a data cap limit on your connection. As a result, you’re allowed to spend a certain amount of data with a certain amount of internet speed. 

Let’s say your ISP offers 100 Mbps internet speed for a data cap limit of 1000 Gb. Once you’ve reached that limit, your internet speed will drop to 10 Mbps because of the fair usage policy applied by the ISP.

However, that’s another case, but we’re focusing on how to lower your data expense. Especially those running ads can ruin your entire internet experience. Not to mention they consume data. Moreover, you’ll often observe that ads run in HD quality irrespective of how your video was running.

Plus, ads also slow your internet connection. Each ad will make space in your connection, consuming data. Therefore, you can install ad blockers or add them to your browser’s extension bar. Some of the most commonly used ad blockers include Adblock Plus, NordVPN, etc.

Ad Blocker blocking ads on the internet

Using Antivirus Software

Malware and viruses can affect your internet in ways that you cannot even imagine. For starters, if you have experienced a malware or virus attack (be thankful if you haven’t), you’ll know how it slows your internet by loading it with hundreds of thousands of copies of the virus.

This happens because the virus or the malware uploaded is constantly attacking your system, sending and receiving copies of the virus being downloaded constantly. Consider this as the entire house vs a PC that is juiced up on the internet speed because you’re downloading Red Dead Redemption.

What’s even frustrating is that once your PC or laptop is affected by the virus or malware, everything connected with that system will also get affected. That includes a modem, Wi-Fi routers, etc. connected.

Furthermore, everything will be constantly attacked with the virus, slowing the internet on each device. That is why internet service providers spent hefty amounts on security and firewalls to prevent themselves from such attacks, which is why you should be doing that too.

Getting your hands on a premium version of a good antivirus will not only prevent you from such attacks but will also prevent your internet from slowing down. Hence, invest in buying a good antivirus and save yourself and your internet.

Clearing Your Cache

Have you ever seen how websites often show you your favourite stuff? Something that you’ve shown an interest in when you visited for the first time? That is because it has stored your preferences in the cache.

Cache (pronounced like cash) is like a stash that you keep by your side. You’ve got the main inventory someplace else and some in your stash. When a visitor comes and asks for that product, you immediately pull it out from that stash because you know that customer comes now and then.

In the same way, websites store your information and data in the cache memory of their website. Moreover, your browser also stores this information in the system’s cache memory. However, this makes your browser consume additional internet.

Why? Because it keeps the information ready on the go. It doesn’t need to connect with the website’s server to get information or data. Hence, clearing cache as you surf or are about to log off is a great way of enhancing internet speed. You can also use various extensions for this purpose that you can find online.

Clear Cache on your browser

Using Ethernet Cables

Most people prefer using Wi-Fi. However, since Wi-Fi uses wireless signals, you can face disruptions due to several reasons. This can be the irregular placement of your router, blockage in signals, etc.

Moreover, wireless connectivity also gives unsteady connectivity. On the other hand, going for an Ethernet cable is a great way of enhancing your internet speed. You can enjoy streamlined connectivity that can also be assigned (your ISP or yourself can allow a certain bandwidth to pass through an Ethernet cable).

In this manner, you can enjoy smooth internet speed without any disruptions. If you’ve watched gaming tournaments, you can observe that every PC has a dedicated Ethernet connection. This is to ensure that no lags or disruptions occur during the game.

Closing Thoughts

Considering that you need competitive internet speed, you should take every measure to enhance it as much as you can on your end. Use the above measures, and you’ll probably be feeling a difference!

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