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ZOTAC Technology, a global manufacturer of innovation, today introduced the ZBOX Q Series Mini PC Workstation featuring the most advanced and powerful NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPU. The all-new ZBOX QCM7T3000 is ultra-compact and the first Mini PC featuring the 1 0th generation Intel Core processor paired with NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 GPU. The ZBOX Q CM7T3000 leverages the ZBOX Mini PC’s sleek design without compromising the industry-leading graphics performance. From sophisticated industrial design and advanced special effects to complex scientific visualization and big data modelling, the ZBOX Q CM7T3000 is capable of resonating big performance.

Peerless Innovation

The ZBOX Q CM7T3000 pack s NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 with 6GB GDDR6 featuring dedicated Tensor cores to support real-time ray tracing and Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) in addition to being VR Ready. NVIDIA Quadro is a certified and trusted platform standard to be fully compatible with the majority of all professional applications. The Mini PC Workstation is also paired with the high-end 45W Intel Core i7 – 10750H 6 – core processor featuring Hyperthreading, allowing up to 12 simultaneous thread executions.

As the Original Mini PC Creators, we are proud to reach more potential users who demand professional-grade performance for intensive applications in the smallest form factor. The all-new Q CM7T3000 is a testament to our continuing efforts in innovating the PC in every mini way.

Jacky Huang, Product Director of ZOTAC Technology.
Limitless Creation

At 2.65 litres in size and a slim height of just 62.2mm ( 2.45 inches ), the ZBOX QCM7T3000 reduces the overall footprint by more than 50% when compared to traditional tower workstations. With increased ventilation and powerful cooling hardware, heat outflow and cooling inflow is maximized to ensure long sustaining performance.

The ZBOX QCM7T3000 is capable of driving up to four simultaneous displays and supports a full feature set of connectivity including:

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