Z490 AORUS ULTRA G2 Edition Motherboard

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GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is excited to announce the release of the limited edition Z490 AORUS ULTRA G2 motherboard, GIGABYTE’s latest esports initiative in collaboration with its close partner G2 Esports. This esports-ready motherboard was designed and developed using feedback from G2’s pro players to deliver a striking G2 inspired design, while offering best-in-class performance, cooling, and connectivity.

Z490 AORUS ULTRA G2 motherboard:

The special-edition package also includes a custom ESSential USB DAC featuring the same G2-themed aesthetic, and an exclusive laser engraved plaque signed by CS:GO legend, kennyS, to add a unique collectable piece to G2 fans’ battlestations.

G2 Esports is constantly looking to the hardware and technology industry to provide our players with the latest technology. Having GIGABYTE AORUS as a partner brings us the possibility of cooperating in the design and development of a new motherboard from the latest technology. AORUS provides top quality products and craftsmanship while bringing innovative solutions to our fans and the gaming community. We are proud to announce our second co-branded product, the AORUS Z490 ULTRA G2 Edition, supporting the highest esports level performance with the latest technology and improved audio solutions.

Jacobo Ramos, Head of IT Operations & Hardware at G2 Esports

With an elegant and dark design scheme, the Z490 AORUS ULTRA G2 has been tailored to match G2 Esports’ branding, featuring custom RGB to reflect the signature samurai’s red eye. Developed for esports players and fans, the G2 Edition  features a custom ESSential USB DAC, an external audio digital to analogue converter that has been tested and approved by kennyS, to alleviate any possible inconsistencies in sound when players swap between set ups at practice and tournaments with their gaming headsets or headphones.

With G2’s consultation in the development, the Z490 AORUS ULTRA G2 Edition meets technological demands of the most elite players. The Z490 AORUS ULTRA G2 offers a high-end feature set including:

  • Direct 12-phase digital power delivery system and industry-leading thermal management to optimize overclocking performance on the 10-core K series Intel® Core™ processor.
  • The addition of Tantalum Polymer capacitors improves the transient response of the VRM between high and low loads, increasing the stability of the processor so that users can expect stable, smooth performance even in hardware-demanding games.
  • The protective and optimized memory trace enhances performance with super-fast memory speeds.
  • The board features next-gen network, storage, and WI-FI connectivity
  • A best-in-class audio solution with ESSential USB DAC and DTS, giving G2 fans the technology to take their gaming firepower to the next level.

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