Bohemia Interactive announces today the launch of a new update for its free-to-play online game platform Ylands which will bring to life one of the most important milestones for the game this far, the Creators Club. It is a program and a system designed with users in mind, for creators to pursue a real profit by sharing their creations with the community, monetizing access to their games, to new levels, item upgrades and, really, anything they can imagine. The new Ylands update is available starting today on Steam, Android, and Apple.

Ylands was launched in December last year, and since then its community has been growing steadily. Ylands is one of our most ambitious projects at Bohemia Interactive up to date, and seeing the creations that our players come up with made us really think that all that work they put into making games for others to enjoy should be rewarded. With this update, we make sure we continue to provide and always look for our community.

Petr Poláček, Bohemia Interactive’s Head of Marketing. 

Creators joining this club will not only enjoy numerous benefits such as better exchange rates or cool in-game swag, but will also be able to initiate a ‘Creator’s Commission’ ‘’; and get real-life rich via their creativity!

Ylands Creators Club comes with other important updates that will directly impact users’ experience within the game. Top creations will be highlighted within the in-game marketplace for other users to see, play them, and get inspired to start their own creations. 

Update 1.4, Creators Club, includes the following major features: 

  • Creators Club: exclusive in-game perks, the Creators Commission, and more awaits those who join this prestigious and exclusive club of creative individuals
  • Workshop update: to celebrate the new Creators Club, we have completely revamped our Workshop – find the games you want to play quicker and easier than ever before or easily upload your newest masterpiece
  • Revised main menu: we have completely rebuilt our main menu to facilitate ease of use and most importantly: discoverability
  • In-game messaging system: never miss a message from your friends with a brand new messaging system, now available within the game
  • Improved shooting: we have also completely rebuilt how gun handling works – you will find that using guns, pistols and everything in between is now significantly better than before
  • Game profiling tools: a set of tools & indicators that will help creators optimize their games
  • Bug fixes and improvements: and of course we have added a ton of gameplay improvements and fixes to the game including some cool assets you’ll be able to use in your custom games. 

Have fun creating and turning a profit with the new Creators Club for Ylands, the creativity platform where inventors can architect their own dreams and monetize their creations in the community.

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