Bohemia Interactive announces today a new update for its free-to-play creativity platform, Ylands. The new content update sets players out in the sea world to explore it, build it, and share it with friends. Starting today, Update 1.3 Watery Water is available for free on Steam store, GooglePlay, iOS Apple Store, and Windows Store. 

Ylands’ universe continues expanding, adding new features and content to its already-vast world. “With Watery Water, players will dive deep into the sea of content we have stuffed this update with, ranging from deep sea exploration to editor improvements and additions. Whether you are a die-hard exploration fan or a renowned creator, there is something for everyone in this update.

Marton Magyar, Marketing Manager for Ylands.

Explore the open-polyworld of Ylands, by yourself or along with your friends. Ylands is also a platform for making custom games, ranging from simple scenarios to sophisticated game modes. With summer approaching fast, Watery Water unforgettable seaside adventure is the perfect way to spark kids’, families’ and adults’ imagination and creativity with hours of friendly entertainment. So grab your swimsuits and snorkels – let’s dive in!

Watery Water’ unique features

  • MORE EXPLORATION : strap on the new scuba gear and explore the many random encounters we have spread across the sea floor. Discover wreckages of old cargo ships (and alien saucers), monuments from a bygone era or a secret botanical facility.
  • RENEWABLE RESOURCES: for those brave enough to conquer the depths, these new encounters provide a source of renewable resources – eliminating the late-game resource deficit.
  • NEW WATER VOLUME TOOL: use the new water volume tool in Editor mode to create your very own puddles or lakes.
  • NEW ANIMALS: almost every existing creature can now be tamed, ridden and some even harvested. Not only these beautiful new creatures are marvelous to look at, some of them can be “persuaded” to share their home-grown, organic milk & wool.
  • NEW EDITING TOOLS: mold the land to your liking with our brand new terraforming tools, making it easier than ever to sculpt the landscape.
  • EASY-TO-LEARN: Unlock your true building potential with our new basic shapes available in the Editor mode.
  • IMPROVED GRAPHICS: stunning views and visual effects thanks to a Visual Scripting overhaul.

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