YAGER’s PvP Quest Shooter ‘The Cycle’ Season 2

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YAGER has kicked off the second season of the competitive quest shooter The Cycle! Season 2’s big showstopper is the new “Crescent Falls” map, a significantly more vertical and diverse arena with new surprises and challenges, four unique biomes, a town center with bars, and a giant spaceship! YAGER has also added ranked versions of all available game modes, plus a new lobby in space to hang out with other players and check out stats and contracts before each match.

The Cycle Season 2 Trailer

In addition, Season 2 adds a completely new Fortuna Pass, The Cycle’s exclusive season pass, which players can grab in two ways for unique rewards:

  • The free pass features over 50 rewards like emotes, banners, skins, coatings, crafting resources and in-game currency.
  • The premium Gold pass is bursting with more than 125 exclusive goodies, including two new archetypes (the gunslinging Troublemaker and heavy armor Korolev Paladin), new vehicle types, customization for your drop pod, melee swords, emotes, banners, skins, coatings, crafting resources and in-game currency, as well as all 50+ rewards from the free pass on top.
  • There are also new and more varied challenges with which to level up your pass.

The Cycle is a match-based first-person multiplayer shooter with tons of action: complete jobs, defeat hostile lifeforms, gear up with new weapons and powers, out-score other prospectors, and make it off the planet alive before it kills you. The Cycle delivers a competitive multiplayer experience where everyone can survive, but how you stake your claim can make all the difference. Form squads with friends, make uneasy alliances with strangers, or go it alone — the choice is yours!

Season 2 of The Cycle is free to play now on Windows PC via the Epic Games Store, with new story missions coming soon. For more information, visit www.TheCycle.game.

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