WWE SuperCard Voyage to WrestleMania

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In March, Legends will be celebrated on the Voyage to WrestleMania. Special rewards will become available as you play. A spin on a familiar PVP mode debuts. And a new set of activities will come to SuperCard as we point to pretend oversized signs and begin our Voyage to WrestleMania.

In Voyage to WrestleMania, you’ll control your own destiny as a community. Think of it as a month-long tag match. Except on a pirate ship. As goals are hit, rewards will become available to all players for moments of time.

The Voyage features four goals to work toward, with the next one being revealed on social after each has been completed. Tasks and rewards get beefier as you go along. First up, compete in seven million total WILD matches to collect a store pack containing 200 Credits, 200 LP, 200 BP and 200 MITB contracts for all users. It’ll be available in the Store for 24 hours. 

As we journey together on the Voyage, new themed cards honouring four WWE legends from WrestleMania 3 take the spotlight. Earn Royal Rumble Ricky Steamboat and Vanguard Macho Man Randy Savage cards via Fusion events, quests, the daily login and more. Fusion ingredients in packs and draft boards can be used to access packs with a chance at the cards, too. Later in the month, these activities apply to Royal Rumble Hulk Hogan and Vanguard Andre the Giant.

Keep an eye out for new additions to the daily login, too. If you log in daily in March, ingredients for a special Fusion pack will be yours!

More key details to know:

  • The new mode, Men’s Elimination Chamber, makes its debut March 4. Use your Men’s Division. Superstars for six-card matches in the newest PVP action!
  • Royal Rumble Fusions are coming (surprise)! These cards will be added to the game March 6 in time for Fusion Friday.
  • A new pack, Bounty Breaker, will be featured throughout the month. Brock Lesnar can be acquired in these packs for March.

Fun Voyage to WrestleMania dates to know:

  • Mar 1 – Special Steamboat and Macho Man cards available
  • Mar 2 – Bounty Breaker debuts
  • Mar 4 – Men’s Elimination Chamber debuts
  • Mar 5 – Road to Glory
  • Mar 12 – Last Man Standing
  • Mar 15 – Special Hulk Hogan and Andre cards available
  • Mar 19 – 48-hour Road to Glory
  • Mar 21 – 48-hour Ring Domination
  • Mar 26 – TBD event

Click HERE for more gaming news. You can also read all of the above over on the official WWE 2K Blog, just click HERE to pay a visit.

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