Scavenge for food and hide from prey as a small sugar glider

Breaking Walls has revealed the first nocturnal gameplay for its upcoming sugar glider-based nature adventure AWAY: The Survival Series, heading to PC and PS4 in Early 2021. Step into your own nature documentary as you glide through the forest, evade dangerous predators, and embark on a journey to save your family.

AWAY: The Survival Series is an exploration adventure set in a distant future where nature has reclaimed the planet. Playing as a tiny sugar glider, immerse yourself in the wild as you soar across misty chasms, leap from tree to tree, and climb to the top of the forest canopy. Throughout your journey, you will have to hunt small prey, fight larger enemies, hide from apex predators, solve navigational puzzles, and make your way through the dense wilderness to save your sugar glider’s family.

Along the way players will uncover the mysterious remnants of a fallen human civilization. While most of the game is played from the perspective of the sugar glider, there are also brief sequences where players can control other animals and insects, such as beetles, lizards, foxes, crabs, and more. The world of AWAY is vast and wild, and there’s something new to discover around every corner.

This latest reveal shows off a first look at nighttime gameplay, just in time for Halloween. Not only does the wilderness look spookier by moonlight, but new nocturnal predators will take to the prowl in these post twilight hours. Evade spooky spiders and rats as you sneak about the dark forest.

“We wanted AWAY: The Survival Series to feel like a nature documentary in action, so having a day/night cycle that affects the ecosystem was crucial in capturing this organic feeling,” said Breaking Walls Co-Founder and Creative Director Laurent Bernier. “We look forward to showing you more of AWAY: The Survival Series when it launches in early 2021.”

Breaking Walls is composed of an all-star team of industry veterans who have worked on acclaimed series such as Assassin’s CreedPrince of Persia and Far Cry. Additionally, Breaking Walls has partnered with Life and Planet Earth II composer Mike Raznick to create an enchanting orchestral score for AWAY: The Survival Series. The result is a natural world brought to life with stunning detail.

For a longer look at nighttime gameplay, the Breaking Walls team has shared some extended gameplay footage on AWAY‘s Steam Broadcast that will be looping for the next couple of days. You can watch it at

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