4 reasons why you should choose mobile data over Wi-Fi while travelling

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Staying connected while travelling and on the road has become important for most people nowadays for one reason or the other, but travelling presents various challenges when it comes to internet connectivity. Since we are constantly on the go, it is not feasible to have a reliable or stable WiFi connection that can cater to our connectivity. In such instances, relying on mobile data can often be the better choice.

WiFi is mostly superior to a mobile connection when it comes to accessing the internet, but when it comes to travelling, then mobile data offers more freedom and reliability. Let us discuss a few reasons that explain why it is better to rely on mobile data while travelling instead of WiFi.

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Four reasons to choose mobile data over WiFi

Global coverage

One of the most significant benefits of mobile data over WiFi in the scenario of travelling is global coverage. No matter where you are in the world, be it mountains, beaches, streets, or busy markets, you can connect to the internet using mobile or mobile data. Unless you are in a very remote area where there is no mobile coverage, you will most likely be able to connect to the internet through mobile data without any problem.

With WiFi, that is not the case in terms of travelling, as you are often limited to places that have public Wifi or established hotspots like cafes, restaurants, airports, or aeroplanes with onboard WiFi services like BA WiFi. This can be a problem when you are traveling to an underdeveloped area, where you won’t find many public WiFi networks. On the other hand, mobile data allows you to stay connected even in urban areas so that you can access the internet on the go.

Better security and privacy

Security and privacy are among the top two elements that most users are conscious about nowadays. When it comes to public WiFI networks, your security and privacy are not maintained, as you are using a public network that has multiple other users connected too, which makes you susceptible to eavesdropping and cyber threats. While WiFi networks like the one that you get while flying in the aeroplane like easyJet Wifi are secure, most public WiFi networks aren’t and put you at risk. 

Therefore, connecting to the internet using something like 5G is a better choice to maintain your security and privacy while staying connected to the internet while travelling. With mobile data, your network is entirely secure and you are the only user connected to the network. This ensures that your sensitive information remains confidential and your security and privacy are maintained.

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Faster and consistent network

If we talk about the speed and consistency of internet networks while travelling, then mobile data or mobile data offers faster and more consistent internet speeds. While travelling, you are not using your WiFi network, but public WiFi networks and hotspots that are congested with users all the time. This is especially true in crowded places, like airports, cafes, and tourist hotspots, where public Wi-Fi networks can become congested and sluggish. Such sludginess ruins your internet experience and prevents you from even browsing the web with ease.

Mobile data on the other hand provides much faster and consistent internet speeds while traveling so that you can carry out any internet activity that you want to, be it streaming audio and videos, online navigation, or video calls. 

Backup in emergencies

Mobile data is also a very important backup in emergencies. While travelling, it is always necessary to have reliable means of communication available. In such cases, mobile data or mobile data can become your lifeline, as it enables you to establish immediate communication. Whether you need to contact the local authorities or call for medical assistance, mobile data has got you covered, unlikely WiFi.

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