Why everyone needs a VPN right now & other Surfshark news

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COVID-19 is rummaging through the world in a whirlwind few could have predicted. This means that a lot of companies normally conducting all operations in their offices are forced to embrace remote work. Enter Surfshark.

Under such circumstances, using a VPN is crucial to secure an abundance of home networks and protect sensitive data. Cybersecurity definitely has its own challenges due to the pandemic, and it is important to educate the public about protecting themselves.

The company is spreading the message to their users.

GPS Spoofing on the Surfshark Android app

This feature was highly requested by Surfshark’s users, so they made it happen! An in-built GPS spoofing opens many opportunities for everyone using the VPN provider – such as getting more privacy from GPS-tracking apps or simply playing Pokémon Go in a new location. Not to mention the fact that they’re the only VPN provider currently offering this!

Surfshark GPS Spoofing Android App

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