Esports has increased in popularity, especially in recent years. Many people, particularly youngsters are investing their careers in esports. Australia is a country which, dominates the esports industry, setting the benchmark for different activities or events worldwide.

There are several major events, which happen annually in Australia. Many large global companies partner up with Australian esports ventures, on a regular basis. There are several big events, which attract a huge audience. This gives the Australian esports industry hope for further expansion.

Melbourne Esports Open is one of the biggest esports events in Australia. As an event, it gathers both local and international players. Seeing that it is one of the biggest events of its kind, the tournament attracts some of the major sponsors. Its portfolio of different collaborators and partners has grown from year to year. One of Melbourne Esports Open’s longest-standing partners in the IT giant, Intel.

But there are new big names or additions, on the list of this years’ Melbourne Esports Open sponsors. Who is the tournament counting on this year? Esports Insider and ESL. They are some of the sponsors, which have contributed the most to the overall success of the event. They really made some noise, especially when it came to the IEM title, traditionally awarded at the Melbourne Esports Open.

What is more, its Call of Duty World League is one of the most widely assisted live streams. Many players from all around the globe travel to Australia, just in order to take part in the tournament.

One of the major sponsors of its Call of Duty tournaments is Crown Resorts. Crown Casino is one of the biggest casinos in Australia. It operates several luxury casinos across the country, with ambitious expansion plans. Crown Casinos offer a variety of gambling-related activities, including the traditional Aussie Pokies, and tourists from all over the world come in Australia to try their luck.

Many, if not most Australian casino players are active users of the Crown Casino and its different casino games. With this in mind, Crown is known for actively supporting the Australian esports sector. It has contributed a lot to the development of the industry, largely by offering huge prize pools or rewards.

Recently, the operator has contributed $70,000 to the Call of Duty tournament, providing crucial backing to the Australian team. The Crown actions are quite remarkable, paving the way forward. Put it this way, they are really setting an example, for other operators to follow!

Another big highlight from the event is its round of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Without a doubt, it is one of the highest paying esports games, which attracts the biggest number of players, from all over the world. At the event in Melbourne, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or “CS:GO”, came with an impressive prize pool of $250,000. But this is not the first time that ESL products are taken to Australia. There must be reasons for choosing the game ​place, the fourth time in a row.

IEM, Intel Extreme Master, is the global manufacturer of different computing products. It is one of the leading companies in its field. It also is also heavily engaged in sponsorship of many events and initiatives, which correspond to its brand name or overall activities. According to representatives from IEM, it is always very beneficial or exciting for the company to take part in the esports-related events. They clearly believe that esports has a bright future, in front of it.

IEM supplies events with a wide array of digital products. It never disappoints its customers or players, especially when it comes to the quality of their products. Australia and Melbourne Esports Open are always very eager to promote them as the “headliners”, throughout the entire event.

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