What’s so special about SpecialEffect?

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Like most things in life, too much of a good thing can be bad. And video games are no exception. But get the balance right, and it turns out that they’re actually quite good for you! Video games can be positive for developing your motor skills, problem-solving ability and can even soothe feelings of anxiety.

As we all know, the gaming world is a great place to network socially and build relationships without having to psychically make a connection. This can be excellent for someone who has anxiety or has an introverted personality. And the benefits of video gaming can have dramatic effects on the lives of many other people too, in particular, individuals who have an impairment or physical/learning disability. They can benefit from the use of gaming for both educational and social needs, and heck, just for fun as well.

But unfortunately, up until recent years, it was increasingly difficult to find accessible games/consoles for the inclusion of everybody. That was until SpecialEffect stepped in.

SpecialEffect is an organisation who create a tailored approach to accessible gaming and adapt items which would normally restrict the freedom of someone’s gaming leisure. They have helped so many people integrate back into this popular recreational activity and best of all they do this without profit, relying purely on donations and fundraisers.

Personally, I have the greatest admiration for these special people whose mission it is to bring a sense of normality and inclusion to situations which may have people feeling isolated or vulnerable, and I find their work to be an amazing read. In particular, their Stargaze project which makes use of Eye Gaze technology to help people who are paralysed or have limited movement control a computer with their eyes (IT’S MAGIC).

I mean shoving your PS4 on and playing a quick game of FIFA with your friends may seem like a mundane Sunday afternoon activity to many people, but for a select few this could be the difference in their happiness and self-esteem and I for one believe this organisation deserves a big hand for providing such a solid selfless service for those who need it most!

For those of you wanting to know more about the charity click HERE to go to their website. And make sure you have a good read of some of their case studies to see what these guys have to offer and the differences they make to people’s lives. It truly is remarkable.

You can also check out a little Q&A we did with a member of the Fundraising and Communications team over at Special Effects by clicking HERE.

In the meantime, we’ll be sure to keep everyone up to date on the charity, helping support and promote their fundraising efforts where we can. So until next time. Peace out guys!

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